Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fate of Konor: Tau vs. Black Legion

40k 8th edition: the game bringing many old hands out of the woodwork for the first time in many years.  Why?  Probably for the following reasons:

  1. Fast play rules.
  2. Comprehensive army lists released simultaneously with new rules.
  3. "3 ways to play" showing folks they can play in many styles.
  4. Very cool new releases...even if you don't like Primaris Marines, moving the story forward with the return of some Primarchs, a big change to Eldar, and re-casting several chaos legions is a big deal.
  5. Absolutely killer community relations and support resulting from adopting the 21st century technological paradigm.  

Anyway, what does that have to do with this game? Well, I played James, who I had not seen in over 10 years in a 2000 point game.  James brought out his Tau, a mix of old and new models.  The scenario was from the Fate of Konor global campaign:

This mission required the non-Chaos player to assault and destroy 3 objectives in the face of a blighted and foetid landscape of horror.  To represent the occupying forces, I chose a list of Black Legion heavily flavored with Nurgle units, as follows:

Chaos Terminator Lord with Power Axe
Chaos Sorceror
Chaos Sorcerer
2 x 10 cultists
1x 10 CSM with plasma gun
7 Plague marines with plasma gun
5 Chaos Bikers
5 raptors with melta gun
2 Chaos Predators (1 with autocannan and 2x lascannon, 1 w/ 4 lascannon)
Defiler with reaper autocannon and battle cannon
Renegade Knight "Ira Invictum" with rapid-fire battle cannon, 2 heavy stubbers, and gigantic chainsaw arm thing, plus stompy feet.

James had (IIRC)

3x commander, all with fusion blasters galore
3x3 stealth suits (1 with fusion blasters)
2x Ghostkeel with fusion goodness
1 million drones. Ok it was really about 48 in groups of 4 including two groups of marker drones.

The terrain was a blighted ruin of a city.  The green patches represent mutated and plague-ridden growths bestowed upon the land by Father Nurgle in the wake of the Chaos invasion.  my forces were arrayed to defend the 3 objectives, each located in a large ruined structure.  My infantry was spread roughly evenly across the objectives, with my armor concentrated in the center for flexible firing options. I deployed Ira Vindictam centrally as a rapid response reserve unit.   James split his forces into two strong wings, each with a Ghostkeel protected by a horde of drones.  On my left he placed two units of stealth suits.  On my right Shadowsun and a unit of fusion blaster suits took up position in a building.  I kept the Raptors and Chaos Lord in reserve.  James held his three commanders back, as well.

 James went first and advanced somewhat slowly.  He put heavy fire on my Chaos Space Marines on the right, and did some damage to my lead Predator, but overall his shooting was less than I expected. He dropped in 2 commanders, one on each flank, and did a bit of damage with them as well.


So many drones!

Surprise, pew pew pew!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Historicon Photo Dump!

Historicon Photo Dump!  

Frost Grave, Team Yankee, 40k, Kids events!