Monday, April 24, 2017

Team Yankee Tournament Report

Tournament Summary:

On April 22, 2017, I ran a Team Yankee tournament at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA.  I had approached the owner, Chris Huhn, about doing so because I have seen little Team Yankee action in the area.  But I suspected there were a number of folks that would come out of the woodwork for it.  With the kind support of the WWPD Network, my gamble paid off.  We had 10 tournament players and a couple of interested parties who played a demo game, bringing the total of participants to an even dozen. 

As this was a casual tournament to drum up interest, there was no requirement to have painted models or to play every round.  As a result, some players did not stay for the whole event, and a number of armies were not painted. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ultramarines versus the Great Devourer

 News from Ultramar!

999.M41-The precious Promethium Mines of Tarsis Ultra come under assault from Hive Fleet Leviathan.  A Gladius Strike Force, led by Captain Narbo of the Ultramarines 3rd Company, deploys to stop the foul xenos from overrunning the damaged mining facility.  Ultramarines forces arrive only moments before the Tyranid horde descends on the mineworks.

The Strike Force sets up a hasty defense towards the center of the facility, but are unable to dig in or form a solid perimeter.   The vehicles form a laager, not knowing from whence the xenos will come. 

Tyranids swarm from all direction!

Hordes of Termagants surge toward Squad Menelaus!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A lifetime of collecting: Chaos Space Marines

I recently re-embarked on my Warhammer 40k hobby.  I have played on and off since Rogue Trader, the first edition released way back in 1987.    I have done some significant painting and collecting over the past few years, and my Black Legion and their allies, the Thousand Sons.  So I thought I would put my collection all in one place for my own (and maybe your) viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Here's an overview of the army.  This is almost every model (excluding demons of Khorne, which I have left aside) I have collected for Chaos Space Marines since 1987.  Some outdated models that really don't fit the modern army lists are also not included.  

Fall of Cadia: Black Legion vs. Crimson Fists

Played a very exciting game of 40k last week, with my Black Legion taking on the Crimson Fists. We played this as a defense of Cadia game although we did not use Empyric storms.  We just represented forces fighting on Cadia with our two lists.  My opponent was a very fine chap names Tucker who had a gorgeous Crimson Fists army that made me nostalgic for the original Rogue Trader cover.  

We played an 1850 point game.  The Mission was a Maelstrom Mission (random objectives) where we drew a number of objectives based on the turn. (1 on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, etc.) as well as having the "Slay the Warlord" "First Blood" and "Linebreaker" victory conditions.  

My list consisted of a Black Legion Speartip detachment containing:
  • A Hounds of Abaddon formation of 3 bikers, 8 berserkers with Rhino, 8 chaos marines with Rhino, and a Chaos lord as my warlord.
  • A Heldrake Terror Pack of 2 Heldrakes
  • A Raptor Talon of 3 5-man squads plus a Chaos Lord
  • A Hellforged Warpack of 2 Maulerfiends and a Defiler

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Burning of Prospero Gallery

A few months back I picked up the gorgeous Burning of Prospero board game.  It took me a few months to finish painting the models, mostly due to distraction with other projects.  But recently I knocked out the last few units and I wanted to share this fantastic set with the world.  I deliberately chose to make the Thousand Sons, who suffer the destruction of their world before falling fully to Chaos, look as clean and shiny as possible.  By contrast, the "good" wolves were painted in drab colors and made to look dirty.  The Custodes and Sisters of Silence retain their metallic sheen, but they know what they did!  

Scarab Occult Terminators

Monday, February 6, 2017

War comes to Fenris-40k Space Wolves Vs. Thousand Sons

Introduction:  As anyone who is following Warhammer 40k knows, big things are afoot in the storyline!  One of those big things was a rather impressive assault by the Thousand Sons on the Fenris system, home system of the Space Wolves chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.  I refer you to the Wrath of Magnus for details.  It's pretty awesome.  

Image result for wrath of magnus

Along with the book some great new Thousand Sons (I call them 1k Sons for short)models were released, and I could not resist starting up an army.  I have been a fan of the 1k Sons for a long time, but their rules had, until now, been bad!  now that they are a lot more interesting, and given the current story arc, I wanted to play a Space Wolves/1k Sons game.  Scott recently started collecting Space Wolves and, like me, paints fast.  So having motivated each other to get enough stuff painted, we got together for a 1200 point game.

The 1K Sons are very expensive points-wise.  I took a 1k Sons Combined Arms Detachment as follows:

Demon Prince of Tzeentch (the original Lord of Change model) w lv 2 psychic mastery and wings
Scarab Occult Terminators with Exalted Sorcerer and Soul Reaper Cannon
2 units of 4 Rubric Marines w/ Sorcerer
1 unit of 10 Tzaangors
1 Heldrake w Baleflamer

IIRC, Scott took a Space Wolves Combined Arms Detachment of:

1 Rune Priest (lv 2 psychic mastery)
3 units of 6 Space wolves, w 1 melta gun per squad
1 unit of 5 Space Wolves 
1 Unit of Wolf Rider cavalry
3 Vindicator tanks(!)

We played the Maelstrom of War Mission "Escalation" where we have a hand of 3 objective cards at all times.  Also VPs are awarded for Slay the Warlord, First Blood, and Linebreaker conditions.  

Turn 1: The game started with Night Fighting in effect.  My Heldrake and Terminators were in reserve.   Scott got the first turn and advanced.  His fire was not too effective; he killed a Rubric Marine or two and several Tzaangors, whose job is to die after all.  In my first turn my awesome psykers did absolutely nothing, although my shooting almost wiped out a squad of Space Wolves thanks to AP3 Inferno bolter shots.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Great Army of Harad

Got together with John of DCHL along with Devin and newcomer Ed for a HUGE thematic game of LOTR.  We played the "Great Army of Harad" scenario from the old Harad supplement.

In this scenario, Boromir leads the army of Gondor south to smash the Haradrim before they can meet up with Sauron's forces coming from the East.  The scenario called for 2000 points per side, with 300 points of Evil in reserve (the Corsairs of Umbar, late as always).  by way of consolation, Evil holds the central building which I dutifully filled with archers.  The mission?  Destroy the enemy!  

Our lists were enormous but neither side had any magic users so this was (with the exception of the 40-foot tall elephant and some half-trolls) mostly an engagement of mere mortals.  The Good forces had Boromir, Faramir and several captains.  The Evil side had Suladan the Serpent Lord, Dalamyr the Fleet-master, a Khandish King and a Mahud King as well as some other captains.   As you can see, the Good side consisted solely of Gondor's finest.  The Evil side was a diverse alliance of those opposed to Gondor.

The battle played out as follows:

Initial Evil deployment

Initial Good employment