Thursday, August 21, 2008

A small Arausio

So the Consul and I got together for another game last night. We used the same army lists, as we are just getting used to the rules for Warmaster Ancients (WMA). I took a lot more pictures than last time, so here's an honest-to goodness batrep. For simplicity's sake, I refer to positions from the Gallic perspective. We rolled a 6 turn game length and rolled for setup. The Consul deployed first and got the first turn as compensation.

Roman Deployment:

Gallic Deployment:

Turn 1 was was uneventful, with both sides advancing for the most part, but the rear Gallic warbands and skirmishers on the Gallic left did not move.

Turn 1 Final Dispositions:

Turn 2 saw more maneuvering. The legions on the Gallic right do not move, nor do the Roman cavalry (treacherous sell-out Gauls!). The central legions take up a strong position on the hill. The Gauls advance en masse, except for the heavy cavalry (all cavalry is called cav) on the far left and the skirmishers near them.

Turn 2 Final Dispositions:

Turn 3 the Roman cav advance, the legion on the Gallic right again fails to advance, and the General fails his roll to move the Roman lines at all! The Gallic skirmishers blunder, but roll a 5, resulting in a full advance anyway! All other units fail to move as the Gauls fail every command roll! Gallic skirmish fire removes a stand from the Roman skirmish cavalry, but fails to confuse them and they evade, avoiding a problematic drive back.

Turn 3 Final Dispositions:

Romans look down from the hill on the barbarian horde:

Turn 4-Fighting! The Roman cavalry engage the Gallic skirmishers on the Gallic right. The Roman general again fails his roll to move the rearward Roman Legions! The Roman-allied heavy cavalry destroy Gallic skirmish cav. The Gauls launch a large cavalry charge on the Roman legions in the center, making 2 movies to hit them. The Gallic foot move up to support, but fail their second move roll to join the huge scrum. A small Gallic detachment attacks the Roman cav on the right flank. They overwhelm the heavy cav, which was probably another case of us forgetting that infantry cannot pursue cav for a second round of combat! In the center, the Gallic Heavy cav smash into the side of the legions on the hill, flanking one stand. The Gallic general joins his stranded men to help resist the inevitable Roman onslaught next turn. They destroy one raw legion unit and push back the regular Legion after a tie in the second combat. MVP-My dice which gave me 2 hits on 16 dice...thanks, dice!

Turn 4 pics:

Dice (note the general lack of 4+, the numbers needed to hit!):

Turn 5: The Roman Legion on the Hill charge down at the Gauls. Their general joins them in the hopes of blasting a hole in the Gallic line. The raw legion on the hill attacks the Gallic cavalry in the center which just bounced off in the previous turn. Once again, the Roman general cannot move his reluctant rear legions, probably sealing the Roman fate for this game. The Roman legions in the center kill two stands of Gallic veterans, but lose two of their own in return. In a simulated personal challenge, the Roman general and Gallic general roll their 2 bonus attack dice separately: each scores one hit, so the duel is a tie! (Note this was just a flourish recommended by the Consul, there are no rules for leader duels) The combat is drawn and both sides retreat. The Roman raw legion fails to remove a Gallic cavalry stand and the cavalry hoofs it away.
In the Gallic turn, two units of Gallic cav smash the raw legion, and the Gallic lines advance against the remaining legions on the hill in the center. Then Gauls overwhelm the Roman general's unit, killing the Roman general in the process. At the end of the phase, the Roman army withdraws due to the general's death. In WMA the game ends at the end of the current phase if an army reaches its break point or the general is killed.

Turn 5 Pics:

Romans assault:


Gallic attack:

The end:


This game was a lot of fun and could easily gone the other way if the Romans had been able to win a combat in the center. The Gauls' attack bonus is hard to beat when they are winning, but if they lose it gets ugly. The Consul has decided never again to mix his raw legions and his regular legions, as the result is a -1 command modifier throughout his infantry. This hurt him when the general failed to move his rear legions 3 turns in a row! This reminded me of a description of Arausio I read recently: one half of the Roman army refused to meet up with the other half, resulting in the destruction of the Roman force. Next time I expect the Romans to field all regular legions, as the raw legions are not making the Consul happy. I am pretty happy with my current army composition, so I think I will leave it as is for the time being.


david santos said...

Excellent work!!!
You are Master!!!
Thank you.

Gallowglass said...

I recognises that basement!

Consul Scipio said...

Great report. Roman forces have been regrouping and rearming. We will be building those paved roads. It's what we do...

Maimed said...

I really like you stuff. Would you be willing to have a game via Skype? All the figs would be at either you table or at mine.
Please mail me and let me know Thank you