Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Persian Army in 10mm Pictures

I was tempted to write something lascivious-sounding as the title to get more hits, but I get no money for hits and probably would get wrapped on the knuckles or something, so here it is, family-friendly Persian 10mm eye candy.

I'm not a great photographer, so forgive me if these aren't the best shots. Also my game table is still down so there are no nice mini hills and textured ground this time around. Most figs are Old glory, but I had to us Magister Militum commanders for most units as OG doesn't make Persian command except for the ones in the subject infantry unit.

Persian cavalry:

Persian Archers:
Mercenary Greek Hoplites:

Satrapal or Subject Persian Infantry:
Persian Infantry:
Persian Infantry by Magister Militum:

Persian Heavy Cavalry:
Persian leaders:

As I've said before, the color choices were based on Osprey and Montvert publications. I've opted to give ethnically Persian troops the yellow hood, or tiara. My satrapal infantry have white hoods. The light cavalry are a mix. The heavy cavalry were easy as they are mostly armor! The Greek mercs required the most effort. between drilling their tiny hands for tiny spears and painting so many different shields, they took quite a while. I think the army is painted to a pretty good gaming standard and looks good on the tabletop. I paint to play, so that's great for me. I do intend to paint the base edges a uniform brown at some point soon.

Also, I noticed that teh camer close-up revelas a lot of flaws not obvious to the human eye, hmm...

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