Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still not dead yet...Irish SAGA warband.

Yesterday I took time off due to having a sick kid.  While he napped in the afternoon and after the kids went to bed later in the evening, I embarked on what I like to call "Operation: SAGA" and painted up an entire Irish warband in one day.  I had not painted a figure for at least 6 months so I guess the bug hit hard.

They won't win any awards and still need to be flocked, but I think 49 minis painted to a gaming standard in one day is an accomplishment.  It certainly felt like I had achieved more than when I just play a computer game.

Here is the warband consisting of 2 units of levies (Kerns), 2 of warriors (Bonnachts), and 2 of hearthguard (Fianna), with Warlord (Ri):

And a little shot of the Warlord, who I'll call Brian MacCionnaith!

Thanks for looking.  I plan to use the Welsh rules and battle board for them unless and until an Irish list comes out.  I'll post a report with piccies when they see some action.