Monday, April 23, 2012

Tomorrow's War-Novi Trotskigrad

So I have also been planning to run a game of Tomorrow's War at Historicon.  I plan on using my rather large collection of AT-43 minis to get my money's worth out of them.  Without going into too much detail, the concept is: Neo-Communist rebels hold the newly-renamed spaceport of Novi Trotskigrad and are being attacked on all sides by an orbital insertion of elite Interplanetary forces.  The reds have armored support on the way but they begin the game outclassed and outgunned.  Each side will score VPs for holding the spaceport, barracks and communications station, as well as inflicting casualties.  The game will last 6 turns. We tested this with D8 quality, D10 morale troops all around.

In our game, the reds put up some decent resistance at first, but were on the ropes by the time the armored column showed up.  Although the armor put a hurting on the white forces, in the end the whites held two objectives and inflicted more casualties for a final score of 15-9.  To improve the game for the con, we decided to double the amount of starting red troops to keep the red players interested, and to increase white troop quality  to D10 to make the power armor balanced against the numbers, and to make it really intimidating to boot!

Here are some photos of the playtest.

Elite PA troops hammer a red squad into submission while jump troops secure the communications tower:
 White PA and a light walker trade fire with reds in the Barracks:
 Red armor arrives and lays out an entire PA squad with heavy fire:
 Red armor is on the march, but is it too late?
 The whites eliminate the last red squad holding the space port and advance to victory!

I plan to have all the scenery painted up, some good-looking roads, and maybe a better space ship by H-con.  Hope to see you there!

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