Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MERCS for hire!

Here's some more evidence that I am not dead, two MERCS squads.

I resisted MERCS for a long time but my friend Peter sucked me in with a few games using his models.  The game has a lot of nice tactical detail, an interesting setting, and great models.  I'm hooked!

First up, the sefadu strike team done in the colors of Kenya, complete with Maasai shield device.  I call them"Mkuku wa Taifa" with apologies to the ANC.

The leader's pulse spear is extremely deadly...and these guys are fast as you can imagine from their light armor 

 Second, my elite Spec Ops squad of Keizai Waza, "Aoi Ten" or "Blue Heaven" with apologies for cheesy Japanese.  
 Note the glowy atomic power packs...Keizai Waza has nice armor. The leader also has a tac nuke on his back.

Both squads are now ready to tangle with my friend Peter's MERCS.  These are the only two factions he doesn't own, so maybe we can use the advantage of surprise to achieve victory!