Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sedition Wars Biohazard set: Fully Painted!

Sedition Wars Biohazard set: Fully Painted!

Well, I got the new Sedition Wars game in mid-January and promptly went to work getting them all assembled and painted.  With the Lights Out! pack there were over 100 miniatures to assemble  base, and paint.  I had a week to myself with the family away and, amidst lots of board and miniatures gaming, knocked out the full set.  Here is my photo dump of what I accomplished.  Apologies for the messy basement in the background...we are remodeling.

First up the nasty Strain horde!

Running Cthonian

Dignified Cthonian


And now, the  heroic(?) Vanguard!

 Hurley the Robot

 His evil twin, Bad Hurley

I did three squads in different colors for variety.  

 The Twins again!

Glow in the Dark Strain added.

 Everyone in a box, waiting for the next game!