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Infinity ITS April 20

Last Saturday I played in my first Infinity tournament, using the ITS (Infinity Tournament System) modified by Certs, who ran the event.  His photoblog covers the event here: 

 I stole a few pics from him, thanks Certs!

As described on his site, we played 3 rounds using a modified YAMS (Yet Another Mission System) format.  Each player had a potential 7 victory points which could be earned through a variety of actions on the battlefield. 

My list was a "vanilla" Yu Jing (the pan-Asian future empire of Infinity) as follows:


 GROUP 1 (Regular: 10/Irregular: 0):

 Zhanshi,ĪSHĒNG Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (15)
 ZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (11)
 ZHANSHI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (11)
 TIGER SOLDIER HMG / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 35)
 SHÀNG JÍ Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Shock CCW. (42)
 MECA-Engineer Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (15)
 GŪIJIĂ MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / AP CCW. (2 | 91)
 CELESTIAL GUARD Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25)
 ARAGOTO Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (25)
 ARAGOTO Spitfire / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 29)

 5.5 SWC | 299 Points

My fully painted 300 point Yu Jing Army

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert at this game and these reports are my best recollection with no written notes.   I had played two full games of Infinity before this ITS event.  Apologies for any mistakes or inaccuracies.

My first game was against Jonathan, who I knew from Games and Stuff and my last MERCS tournament.  Jonathan was running the Combined Army, an alien menace.  I'm fraid i don't know enough about Infinity to tell you all his troops, but suffice it to say he had some drones with flamethrowers, a heavy rocket launcher guy, a TO guy also with rocket launcher, some crazy HMG guy with super jump, a big Alien-looking thing as his LT, and oh yeah fittingly he had the Sepsitorized  Ko Dali (a former Yu Jing Heroin converted by the aliens.

The game started with little for me to do as nothing was in LOS,  I advanced my Aragoto Bikes to control the crate on my left flank.  On my right a Zhanshi ran to, synched with the civvie model, and began to fall back with her.  I set up a defense of the center with my Guijia TAG (combat armor suit) and my lieutenant the Shang Ji,  a heavy infantry model.  The intent was to advance and seize the orange crates toward the end of the game to get the VP. 


I airdropped my Tiger soldier into Jonathan's backfield, forgetting his models get to turn around to face mine if they are within 8".  He died but took out a Vector Operator in exchange.  

Here you can see the left flank, with my bikes near the crate and a few Combined Army models covering the approach routes.  

My Lieutenant was not the piece to put in a overwatch position on a high point, and Jonathan advanced a rocket launcher up and opposite catwalk and gave my Lt a rocket in the face.  The same RL guy then tried to take out the Guijia abut got hit twice in a row, somehow making 8 saves.  
In my opponent's first turn I also lost an Aragoto bike on the right flank to the TO Camo guy with rocket launcher.  I had lost my LT and the initiative on both flanks.  
Losing my Lt meant my second turn was a waste as all I could do was advance the Aragoto, who got hit by a rocket but survived and fell back.  I made the Guijia my new Lt and then Jonathan went again.  On my right flank  Evil Ko Dali airdropped in and killed my Zhanshi with the civvie, she then ran off with the civvie after shooting one more Zhanshi for good measure.  

On my third turn my Guijia tried to shoot Ko Dai, did one wound to her but she fell back out of LOS with the civvie and I gave up on her.  I moved the Guijia back to the center and finished off the rocket launcher guy in the middle.  I also searched the crate with the surviving Aragoto.  I still had a chance to pull out the game if I could hold the center and perhaps cap his most expensive model.

On Jonathan's third turn he ran his TO rocket launcher guy up my right flank, blew up my last Aragoto, searched the crate, and headed up and overhang to start shooting at the Guijia.  They exchanged fire and the Guijia eventually came off the worse, losing a structure point,  Jonathan advanced his Alien-looking leader in the center to threaten the objective point.  

In my last turn I tired to shot the RL guy but missed again, the Guijia's armor preventing any damage.  I moved the Guijia forward to try to kill two birds with one stone:  kill his LT and take the crate.  The guijia dodged another rocket and engaged Jonathan's Lt.  I did one wound but could not kill him, and stayed on the center objective point hoping for a lucky break.  Jonathan advanced his leader to cover and to engage the Guijia, not counting on my heavy flamer to hit him automatically.  However he made his armor save and then the e/m weapon immobilized the Guijia.  It took all his remaining order but he was able to scrap the Guijia and take the game.  The Guijia's death was a 3 VP swing, giving him 2 VP from killing it and taking the center point, and denying me 3 as I went into retreat, lost the crate and didn't kill his leader.  So I lost 5-1 but I felt it was a very close game until the last moments.  Thanks to Jonathan for an enjoyable game.

Let me stop and say one thing about this Infinity group: no one played like a jerk.  There was no chess-like "you took your hand off the piece" talk, no disputes about LOS, and everyone was completely cool talking through the options.  For example, if I wanted to move a piece to have LOS to one model and not his buddy, all my opponents were cool with that and we would discuss where the model should go. 

In short, good sportsmanship and a sense of fun ruled the day and that was very gratifying for me a guy who rarely gets out to tournaments and does so to relax.  So, thanks to all the Infinity guys for that.

On to round 2: I played Mike, fielding the ALEPH Assault Subsection.  That meant, Achilles, Ajax, and their Greek pals.  I had heard about this list and was quite concerned that I was going to the hurt locker.

Mike got the first turn so I got to set up second.  Mike had Ajax on my left flank with a link team.  In the center he set up a link team of Thorakitai.  And on my right flank Achilles himself was holding it down.   

I deployed the Guijia in a great covered position with a lot of good lines of fire on my left flank.  My other troops all deployed out of LOS if possible.  My Aragotos set up on my right flank in the hopes of blitizing the crate.  

Well painted Guijia in cover.  (Nice, right?)  

Here is my setup on the right flank.  

And a good view of the overall setup.

On turn one, Mike Advanced Ajax and his men on my left, but the Guijia picked off one of them before they dropped smoke to cover their positions.  mike chose not to charge the Guijia with Ajax.  Achilles, on my right, advanced up to cover and picked of an Aragoto bike.  He then got greedy and headed over to challenge the Guijia, as seen below.  Mike was shooting at me rolling 4 dice and needing 15s or less to hit thanks to my cover.  I needed an 8 or less thanks to his ODD and cover, thought I had explosive ammunition so if I hit Achilles had to take 3 saves.  I rolled an 8, a crit!  Achilles took a wound automatically and saved one more.  He fired again.  I then rolled another 8.  Achilles took another wound then failed two saves, dying for certain.  Wow.  

Achilles on the bridge.

Achilles not standing on the bridge after I roll two critical hits in a row.

On my first turn, the best thing I saw to do was infiltrate my Tiger Soldier on my right flank which was now wide open thanks to Achilles' untimely demise.  The Tiger soldier managed to advance al the way to the center and wipe out an entire 5-man link team despite their 360 visors.  The trick was he was able to engage them one at a time with his HMG and rolled quite well.  This sent Mike's force into retreat with only Ajax and his 3 pals left alive.    We determined that I would have been able to make all my objectives and so Mike conceded with the score at 7-0.

Ajax and his boys decide enough is enough after Achilles and an entire link team bite the dust.  

So going into the third round I was 1-1 with 8 VPs and I got to play against Ben, an Infinity vet who brought the Tohaa, the newest Infinity faction.  We were told we were basically playing for 2nd place, which was surprising.  Again, I have little idea of what was in Ben's force.  It was IIRC a mix of heavy and regular infantry with a couple of TO camoflage guys (I discovered) and an infiltrating dude with HMG (I also discovered.  The game was on an odd mostly indoors table that left me baffled as to how to deploy.  

I have few pictures of the game, alas but suffice it to say things did not work out.  Although I had the first turn Ben had deployed cleverly and set up a base of fire in the central courtyard.  He also had set out two TO camo markers which turned out to be mines.  Ben loves mines.  My Aragoto bikes both fell victim to him on my first turn, one dying to fire and another to a mine.  Ben also dropped smoke to protect his based of fire from long-range attacks, annoying me.  I brought up my Shang Ji to try to synch with the civvie but failed twice.  Ben revealed a TO camo guy who fired at the Shang Ji to no avail.  The Guijia walked over and flamed him to death but not before he dropped a mine.  I then advanced teh Guijia to try to flame the guys hiding in the smoke.  He proceeded to take a wound from the mine and then fail his willpower roll to conduct an intuitive attack on Ben's guys.  As it turned out I had over-extended myself quite a bit.  

Ben's deployment in the building.  Guijia on my side of the table.

Guijia peeking in windows.  He did shoot one of Ben's guys in the side room but that jerk survived as well.  The three guys in this link team are hiding in smoke and laughing at the helpless TAG. 

Ben proceeded to show me that turnabout was fair play by bringing in an AD jump troop and despite my Zhanshis being lined up to face it, killing three of them in quick succession.  The Tohaa HMG troop then took a window seat behind the Guijia and let rip.  I failed two saves and the Guijia was down.  Game over, really.  But we played it out a bit and Ben was not able to complete all of his objectives, so I only lost 6-0.  :)

As a result, I placed 4th out of 6 in my first infinity ITS.  I learned quite a bit and had a very enjoyable day thanks to Certs and my very pleasant opponents.  I retrospect my list has a couple of issues.  First, my specialists are basically overkill.  I never had a chance to use the doctor, engineer, or hacker.  There was some call to use the doc and the engineer, but I almost always wanted to use the orders for combat troops.  The hacker did nothing although Ben noted I could have tried to hack his Air Drop dude (you have to guess they have it and then spend and order to make a roll with about a 25% chance of success) but that seemed like a low margin move when there is shooting and moving to be done.  Also I learned not to expose my LT unnecessarily as losing 25% of your game (one turn is lost establishing a new LT) is very bad!  

So thanks again to Certs and the crew.  I had a great time and look forward to a lot more fun with Infinity!  Now to paint up some PanOceanian troops!  


Ed Vaughan said...

Found your blog through Certs since you're (sorta) local. Great pictures of the event, looking forward to more reports :)

Throck Morton said...

Great to meet you this weekend! I'm adding your blog to my blog roll.

Certs said...

Yeah, thanks for making it out to the tournament. I have little to do with it, it's all you guys attending that make these events go so well.

Black Knight said...

Thanks, you too! See you at the store. Heck maybe we can play FOW sometime!