Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sedition Wars Session-Scenario 7-Three Trigger Monte

Got together with my old pal Bil last night for a session of Sedition Wars.  We decided to play Scenario 7, which involved the Vanguard forces trying to activate three consoles to start a self-destruct sequence on Alabaster station while the Strain try to stop them.  The Vanguard have 10 turns to get all three consoles active at once, or else the Strain win.  One of the attractions of this scenario is the Vanguard have access to their battle droid, Hurley!  I had not used him before, so I was looking forward to it.  

Bil took the Strain, who get the Grendlr for free, and for his 50 points he took 2 Quasimodos, a Scythe Witch and 6 Revenants.  

Bil made the Vanguard list while I put the kids to bed, so he gave me: Barker Zosa with his plasma weapon, Morgan Vade, and 4 Samaritans.

The models were deployed on tiles 2 and 3 as follows:

On tile 1 the Grendlr was accompanied by a Quasimodo.

I turned off my flash so the pictures will be less psychedelic from here out.  Bil got the first active phase and launched an attack on tile 3.  His strategy was to occupy the teleport pad and prevent Hurley from coming into the game.  However, he did little damage to me on his first turn and lost a couple of Revenants to reflex fire. He did manage to infect a Samaritan, however.  In my turn I had a serious run on the dice.  Using the "overload" ability to the fullest, I managed to clear the teleport pad of most Strain models and activate it to bring on Hurley.

Hurley backed up a space and blasted another Revenant.  Barker Zosa entered Tile 3, and using a regular attack to kill a Revenant and his special ability allowing a second attack to damage the Quasimodo.  As a small consolation Bil had a lot of nano markers to play with after all that carnage.

On turn 2, Bil advanced the Grendlr and the Quasimodo to tile 2 where a Samaritan traded shots with the Quasimodo to little effect.  The Quasimodo on tile 3 hit Zosa and caused corrosion on him.  Bil made good use of that Quasimodo's nanivore ability to heal him fully with the nearby nano markers.

On my turn 2 I sent a corroded Zosa and the infected Samaritan to hold of the Grendlr while I mopped up tile 3. They eliminated the other Quasimodo and Barker put damage on the Grendlr.  On tile 3 I had a Samaritan open the door, allowing Hurley to blast the Quasimodo without triggering a reflex shot.  Somehow the last Revenant survived.

On Bil's turn 3 the Grendlr healed itself completely and shot Barker Zosa right in the face.  His last Revenant managed to infect Morgan Vade with a lucky tendril attack.  

On my turn 3 I finished of the last revenant and secured tile 3.  I advanced two Samaritans and tried two overload shots on the Grendlr but both missed. Only the nearby presence of Hurley prevented my infected model from getting an "override" counter and being mind-controlled by the Grendlr. In Bil's turn 4 he mutated the infected Samaritan (who had reached infection level 3) into a Revenant.  He also turned Zosa's corpse into a Revenant, as well.

I don't feel so...urkkk!  

On my turn 4 I was able to kill one Revenant and wound the Grendlr with Hurley.  My other models moved to help out, with Vade going to infection level 2 in the process.  I activated the console on tile 3 for good measure.  

On Turn 5 Bil healed the Grendlr with nano, moved the Grendlr up and simply swallowed a vanguard with its "maw" attack.

Now you see me...

Now you don't...*burp*!!

On my turn 5, however, one of my remaining Samaritans hit the Grendlr with an overload shot, and Hurley followed up with a blast from his cannon, destroying the Grendlr for good.

But wait!  If a Grendlr is killed before it can gestate an engulfed victim, they come back to the game!  Here's the Grendlr coughing up my poor Vanguard.  To his credit, he wiped off his visor and capped one of the two remaining Revenants.  Then Morgan Vade arrived and shot the last one between the eyes.  With no remaining Strain models in play, we called the game.

"I'm okay...just...slimy."

This was a good scenario and we had a fun time with it.  Although the Strain had a horrible first turn, losing 35 points of models, they were able to hold on using their nano abilities and the Grendlr to make it interesting. The game really shines when the cinematic events occur, such as the mutation of infected Vanguard or the maw attack swallowing a man whole.  Hurley and the Grendlr are both impressive.  Hurley's drone ability was never used as I always wanted him moving and/or shooting with a focused effect on his fantastic cannon.  The Grendlr can last a long time if he rolls well for nano or is otherwise supplied with it, as he can heal himself, but as you can see he is vulnerable to overload shots and heavy ordnance like Hurley.  His attack abilities are interesting, as well.

Things could easily gone the other way if my dice hadn't been hot.  There are some tactical options to explore, and Bil chose to try to prevent Hurley from arriving, which is a viable plan but didn't work.  Another would be to concentrate on contesting tile 2 and simply trying to prevent the Vanguard from activating all 3 consoles for 10 turns.  This one is worth playing again with different army builds and different strategies.  

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Good report and sounds like a great game. Some day, you need to give the group a demo of Sedition Wars.