Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dust Tactics: Operation Hades Mission 3: Assault on Communist Party Headquarters

Although I have played many games of Dust Tactics I have never made a battle report of a game.  Peter and i got together to play the second of a two-part mission.  In the first mission, we fought in the sewers for control of the exits into the square in front of the Zverograd CP headquarters.  In tight tunnel fighting, Peter pulled out the win taking control of one exit while preventing me from taking control of any.  In this game we played 300 points.  I took 5 units of Soviet infantry: 2 Ohotniki rifles, Chinese volunteers, Fakyeli combat engineers and Red Gurds Engineers as well as a unit of snipers backed by Yakov the Legendary Tactician, the IS-48 tank Beria, and a KV-3 Babushka walker.  Peter took the up-armored Wotan, a Heinrich, a Ludwig, Lara and the Heavy Recon Grenadiers, Stefan with Sturmpioniere, and Recon Grenadiers with Manfred, as well as a Kommandotrupp.

The mission objectives were for the Germans to have a single unit in the HQ at the end of turn 8.  The Soviets had to prevent that.  As the point were equal it seemed a very tough goal for the Germans.

Here is the initial setup after all units were deployed onto the board.  

For the first few turns, the two sides played chicken, with the Soviets mostly hiding in the building due to  alack of missile weapons, and the Germans afraid to advance while the tank and walker were able to threaten their infantry exiting the metro.  The Snipers caused a casualty or two but eventually drew too much fire and were eliminated.

 The Soviets advanced the tank and walker up the right flank.  The Germans first first with the Ludwig engaging the IS-48 from range and doing some damage.  Eventually the IS-48 destroyed the Ludwig.  
 The Sturmpioniere with Stefan assault the IS-48.  Due to some awful dice rolling they fail to damage it at all!  They are subsequently mowed down by the Babuska and IS-48.
 The Wotan AR finally gets a bead on the IS-48 and his dice are hot!  The big tank goes up in flames, having at least earned back its points.  

 Meanwhile the recon Grenadiers have maneuver to the other flank.  The Soviets avoid the windows as the Heinrich punishes them with quad 20mm fire when they do and they lack any effective long-ranged weapons.

 The Babushka and Wotan play hide and seek as Lara and her Heavy Recon Grenadiers punish the Soviet infantry units which had tried to damage them.  The Fakyeli launched an assault on the Wotan but only scored 3 points of damage before being destroyed by Lara and crew.

 The Babushka finally gets a bead on Heinrich and destroys him, but the Wotan comes back and finishes off the heavy Soviet walker.  Yakov consistently gave me initiative each turn with his Legendary Tactician ability, but it wasn't enough to outfox Peter!  
On the last turn the Recon Grenadiers ran into the building and teh Soviets did not have enough left to stop them.  Yakov and the Red Guards Assault team look on impotently as they fail Mother Russia!  

In all the Soviets everything but a unit of riflemen, the Red Guards, and a single Chinese volunteer.  The Germans lost Ludwig and Heinrich as well as the Sturmpionieren und Stefan.  Although it seemed an impossible task at first, smart play and excellent unit choice brought victory to the Germans.

Every time I play Dust Tactics, I am struck by how solid a game it is.  There are a huge variety of units, a load of scenarios in the different expansions, and some great figures.  It plays very fast but is very satisfying.  More people should play this one.  I highly recommend it.  Maybe someday I will actually paint these guys.


Unknown said...

Recon Grenadiers had Manfred with them.

The Sturmpionere whiffed completely - it was the Ludwig that hung a shiner on the Beria :)

Certs said...

Heh, you should get around to painting them. My first thought was: he's playing with unpainted minis!?

Good batrep, looking forward to more of them.

Black Knight said...

Thanks for the clarification, Pete the Unknown.