Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nexus Psi Deadzone Campaign games

Here is a quick photo dump of two games from Mantic's Deadzone Nexus Psi campaign.  I am typing with one had due t o a recent surgery so these will be summations rather than full blown reports.  

First game was intellignec run, involving finding a hidden piece of intel and getting it off the board first.  I took Rebs to Jormungandr's Plague.  The game was 50 points, I took a Rebs commander, 2 indij, a human and a Desolator Grogan and Sorak.  J took a general, a phase 2, a couple of phase 1s and a plague dog.

Rebs assemble!

Well hidden Plague.

Plague and Rebs advance.

Where the magic crate?

In turn 2 an Yndij finds it!

One human goes down to a grenade launcher.

Sorak overwatch fire blows a charging Stage 1 and the Yndij down, into adjacent sqaures!  Lucky break for me.

The pinned Yndij is safe from harm now...

...and on my turn 3 scoots to freedom by the play of a Get Mean card and taking a sprint action!  Result, Rebs win the intel mission.  

Game 2 was Scenario A of the campaign.  The Rebs attack a fortified Plague position in an attempt to seize a pre-selected point.   We played a 70-point mission with the Plague having equal points due to the advantages of owning all campaign locations.  I added a Teraton to my army and another human and J added another Phase 2 and grenade launched.  I started the game by lobbing a grenade and pinning all the Plague in the target building.

My Teraton killed a Stage 1 but his follow up attack into the pinned Stage 2 failed.  He soon found himself fighting two Stage 2s.

An Yndij loses his firefight with the Stage 1.

The Stage 1 I neglected to kill with the Teraton went on a tear, killing a human.

My Grogan tried to even the odds by taking the high ground, but his fire had no effect. 

My leader is stuck as Phase Is approach.

A human looks on in horror as his teammates are being overwhelmed in close combat in the target building.

The crazed Phase I eats my leader.

He then proceeded to survive a storm of fire from the Grogan and another human, only to charge and kill the human and wound the Grogan in close combat.  

At this point, I decided to voluntarily quit the mission while my expensive Teraton and Grogan still lived.  In the aftermath I lost two humans permanently but all my other troops miraculously recovered.  However, several of Jorumungandr's troops were promoted while none of mine were.  We will go back to intelligence run with me as the defender to determine the next phase of the campaign.  


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to warm up to Deadzone.

I think the layout you used is contributing to that. I liked that Line of Sight looked very nicely controlled for better maneuvering around.

Anonymous said...

Good batrep. I suspect the rebs will always find Scenario A hard as they aren't as geared towards taking and holding objectives.

Obsidian3D said...

Very envious of your progress with your figures and scenery. I haven't made nearly so much, short of putting together two of my starter sets of models. Great stuff.