Monday, April 6, 2015

Dust Battlefield: Pincer Attack!

Here is a photo dump from a very casual game I played with my next door neighbor, a young man very interested in military history and strategy but who appreciates a little sci-fi thrown in for good measure.  We played the Pincer attack mission from Dust Battlefield with 100 point lists.  We decided his SSU were holding off an Axis counterattack on a formerly Axis airbase seized by the SSU.  The objectives were the supply depot and an alien obelisk contained in the former headquarters building.His SSU did a great job of holding the line from my Axis.  It looks like the Axis was going to seize the Alien pylon objective but a timely replacement of the destroyed Stalin stymied my assault, and the IS-48 as usual wrecked much face from afar.  I conceded at turn 6.  Axis highlights included the Kampfaffen smashing the first Stalin tank in one attack before Markus rolled, and the Heinrich downing the SSU chopper.  

The Approach-All Axis on the table, SSU has half their platoons.

 SSU holding the building under fire.

 The IS-48 holds the barricades.

Axis troops advance through cover toward the alien obelisk.

 Axis forces using cover where possible.  Kind of hard to hide those big walkers!

 After several attempts the IS-48 eliminates the Jagdluther.

 And the first SSU reinforcement arrives, a Stalin tank which almost wipes out the Braineaters and Stormtroops.

But Markus and the Kampfaffen make short work of the Stalin.

The Panzers and a few one-man units continue to advance toward the alien monolith.

The SSU command squad calls up reinforcements!  Another Stalin takes the field in the same position.  Must have been in the same tank platoon.  With help from the SSU attack chopper, it wipes out all the apes but Markus. 

The Natasha walker arrives but cannot hurt the Panzers in cover.

Fakyeli assault engineers move to contest the objective.

The Heinrich destroys the SSU Striker attack chopper with its quad 2cm guns.

 But the Stalin takes revenge, wiping out Markus, the last Stormtroop, and finally the Heinrich using a mighty panoply of war.

The Fakyeli move into the objective building while the Pnazers contemplate an attack.  At this point I have only them, a Ludwig, and a heavy laser team left.  I concede as I cannot take the objective with those troops while the SSU have two heavy tanks, a walker and a command squad waiting for me. 

The Axis retreat and the SSU hold the airfield with its valuable alien tech and war supplies!