Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dropzone Commander: Targets of Opportunity

Sgt. Ramos clenched his teeth as the dropship burned through the atmo of Ouroboros at Mach 25. His Sabre tank nestled in the warm embrace of a Condor dropship, Ramos knew only that the tinheads of the Post-Human Republic were going to be in his crosshairs within moments.  For their own obscure reasons, the PHR military had made landfall on this remote UCM colony, and moved to seize its urban centers.  Having never seen a tinhead or their weapons, Ramos had heard they fielded friggin' robots instead of good, honest tanks.  He was confident the sleek, heavily armed and versatile Sabres, supported by their sister AA guns and infantry, would make short work of these robotic freak turncoats.  The red lights and klaxon of the landing alert woke him from his reverie.  The Condor touched down, hard, on the dirt.  His Sabre section rolled out hot onto the LZ, scanning for targets. Yes, he saw there were some big-ass robots, moving slow and presenting a huge profile. Nothing he couldn't handle with the main gun and....what the frelling hell was that??  A frelling SCORPION!!!? As he moved to depress the firing stud of his Sabre, Ramos saw a brilliant red glow from what looked like an enormous tail...and he then saw nothing at all.  

Yes, so I played another game of Dropzone Commander.  This time with my friend Stone, who was in town from far away on a rare visit.  Stone had gifted a PHR starter set and supporting forces to me, starting this whole new obsession.  So, it was only fitting that we play a game together!  I had also painted up a couple of UCM starters as well as a command vehicle, so I had sufficient troops painted for a 1000 point Clash.  

For the PHR, I fielded:

Command group of 1 Nemesis Command Type 4 Walker with Poseidon dropship-Counselor Lv. 2
Battlegroup of 2x Ares and 2x Phobos with Neptune dropships
Battlegoup of 4x Immortal infantry in 2x APCs, on Neptune
Battlegroup of 2x Odin heavy walkers on Neptune

For UCM, Stone got:

Kodiak with Squad leader level 1 commander (I forgot to add the commander in FFOR so technically it was a free upgrade)
Battlegroup of 3x Sabre and 3x Rapier and 2 Condors
Battlegroup of 3x Sabre and 3x Rapier and 2 Condors
Battlegroup of 6x UCM Colonial infantry on 2x Bear ACS, and Condor.  
-All UCM dropships got the missile upgrade

Pictured below are the armies.  Ignore the Athena and the extra UCM infantry.  Also ignore the Chaos star, wrong game.  I painted the UCM in a 3-color woodland camo as a kind of homage to the US Army 80s-90s three-color scheme. I am thinking about adding some gunmetal to them, though, as they are maybe a bit too well camouflaged and kind of hard to see on the table.  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dust Battlefield: The Raid!

The awesome Dust Knights from the UK are running a fantastic Dust Storm! campaign, and they have provided folks from around the glob with their scenario pack and a monthly scenario to participate.  The idea is that, in the world of DUST, both the Axis and the Sino-Soviet Union have launched new attacks into Africa to challenge Allied hegemony and search for important alien and arcane artifacts of power. Check them out on Faceboook: and Youtube:

The scenario was called "The Raid" and the details are as follows:

Dropzone Commander: Introductory Battle

Last Saturday I tried out the Dropzone Commander (DZC) game system with some help from WWPD's own Scott from Outpost Zero.  Scott graciously agreed to show me the game, using his extensive collection of scenery and figures in addition to my own small Post-Human Republic (PHR) army.  

We played an 800 point battle, which was a Skirmish level game in DZC terms.