Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dropzone Commander: Introductory Battle

Last Saturday I tried out the Dropzone Commander (DZC) game system with some help from WWPD's own Scott from Outpost Zero.  Scott graciously agreed to show me the game, using his extensive collection of scenery and figures in addition to my own small Post-Human Republic (PHR) army.  

We played an 800 point battle, which was a Skirmish level game in DZC terms.  


Zeus and Odin Heavy Walkers w/Neptune dropship
4x Janus scouts 
2x Phobos AA walkers with Neptune dropship
2x Apollo jump jet walkers
2x 2 squads of Immortals in Triton light dropships


Kodiak command vehicle
4x Grizzly scouts in Raven light dropship
6x colonial infantry in 2 apcs, with Condor dropship
3x Sabre MBT with Condor
2x Rapier AA tank in Condor

Our mission was to secure 3 objectives located in the three central buildings.  Holding an objective was worth one VP and evacuating it from the table was worth 2 VP.

Here are our troops arrayed for deployment and the table.

On turn 1, Scott deployed his scouts in the center and brought in his infantry to occupy an objective building.

I deployed my command walkers and scouts.

My AA walkers deployed and on turn 2 I took 6 shots at a dropship full of AA tanks...and only got 1 hit!  I did 2 damage but that was not enough to splash the dropship.

My infantry occupied the other two buildings and began searching for objectives.

The UCM deployed their sabre tanks and began working on my command walkers, doing some heavy damage.  As Scott remarked, my dice were the UCM's greatest ally.

Sabres take cover behind a landed dropship, able to fire over it with their articulated weaponry. I wryly remarked that this seemed to be against dropship SOP!

I lose my Odin to enemy fire, and the return fire from the Zeuk and 4 scouts cannot destroy a single AA tank.

I lose a dropship to AA fire as my Apollos hide behind a building.  They are very maneuverable but a bit fragile compared to the other PHR walkers.  

My Immortals have fund the first objective on my far left and evacuated it for 2 VPs! The other 2 squads find the central objective and prepare to didi mau.

My Triton can only get them to the cover of a building...

My fire finally reduces the AA tanks by one.

But it is not enough.  One gets LOS to my  Triton and brings it down.  I roll a 6 which means all aboard and the objective are lost!

Scout walkers begin dying to orbital bombardment from the Kodiak and so does my Zeus!

My Apollo still cannot kill an AA tank.  Some fire from me has damaged the building and hurt one of the UCM squads in the building with debris.

The UCM colonials finally find their objective and begin to depart.  There is little I can do to stop them as my only AA assets are too far away.

In the end, the UCM escapes with an objective and the VP score is tied 2-2, but Scoto has eliminated most of my army.  So kill points give the tiebreaker to him.  UCM victory!

Well, I really enjoyed this game of DZC.  It was exactly as I had hoped.  The mechanics are very clean and intuitive.  Things are different from other games but only to a degree sufficient to give the game its own character.  Otherwise the mechanics are familiar enough for a miniatures gamer to pick up with ease.  I enjoyed the asymmetrical abilities of the UCM and PHR.  I am looking forward to more games of DZC very soon. Thanks again to Scott for teaching the game to me and sharing his impressive collection!  

 As a bonus, here are some more shots of my painted PHR so far. 


Paul Liddle said...

A very nice looking game, I'll have to get my starter set out soon.

Scott said...

Was a pleasure. Hope to play again soon!