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Dust Battlefield: The Raid!

The awesome Dust Knights from the UK are running a fantastic Dust Storm! campaign, and they have provided folks from around the glob with their scenario pack and a monthly scenario to participate.  The idea is that, in the world of DUST, both the Axis and the Sino-Soviet Union have launched new attacks into Africa to challenge Allied hegemony and search for important alien and arcane artifacts of power. Check them out on Faceboook: and Youtube:

The scenario was called "The Raid" and the details are as follows:

Prior to the launch of Operation Dust Storm both the Axis and SSU high command launched a series of raids across into enemy held front line positions with specialist infantry units. The objective of these units are to use the cover of night to get into   position and launch a series of raids that would disrupt the Allied front line command and control elements. 

Special Rules: Delayed reserves Scattered Reserves  

Setting Up: If there is an Axis or SSU player they are automatically the attacker. If not roll for attacker/defender. The defender must set up the communications array in the marked area on the game surface, this is the game objective. Players may take it in turns to place other terrain items.  
Force Construction Special Rule: The defender must choose a force of 100pts total that may consist of any unit types, except aircraft and/or helicopters. The attacker must choose a 100pt force that may only consist of infantry type models, no walkers or aircraft or helicopters.  

Deployment: The defender must allocate 50% of their Units to be held in Delayed and Scattered Reserves. The Units enter up to 20cm or 8” from the edges, not the normal 40cm and 16” The attacker’s forces move on from their table edge. Attacker automatically wins initiative Turn 1. 

Winning the game: The game finishes when one or the other force is in control of the objective after turn 4 i.e. there are no enemy units within 4" of the objective after Turn 4. The attacker wins if the defenders forces are wiped out, the defender wins if the attacker has not secured the objective by the end of turn 8. 

I played The Lord again, and he won the roll to defend.  Our forces are pictured below.  The Lord took the Heavy Platoon again and I took the SSU infantry platoon.  This meant he could reactivate heavy 3 infantry quite easily, and I could roll to bring back dead guys on turn 1, which i Promptly forgot....

Axis forces

SSU attackers.  Sorry for the unpainted stuff.

Axis deployment.  The rest of the units are in delayed reserves.

SSU initial advances.  I needed to high-tail it across the battlefield in order to have a chance to contest the objective by the end of turn 4!

SSu takes some casualties from the Axis heavy weapon team.  I forgot to roll for them to come back to life!

SSU flood then field against entrenched type 3 infantry.

Havy Flak Grenadiers and Heavy Command man the barricades. one Flak grenadier falls to SSU fire.

SSU type 4 heavy infantry lay down suppressive fire as Winter Child and the regular grunts leg it.

The advanced squad of Frontoviki falls to heavy fire from the AA troops.

Axis medics bring back a downed AA trooper even as both units are suppressed by SSU fire.

Risking it all, Winter Child advances and lays down a barrage of radiation beams, killing 2 command troopers and one AA trooper.

Axis medic resuscitates the commander.

Fakyeli advance through cover to threaten the gun team and potentially the objective.

More SSU advance and the Frontoviki get lucky and fell a heavy recon grenadier (Panzer).

Axis reinforcements, which have been rolling poorly to arrive, finally appear.  And they arrive right on top of the objective!

The Fakyeli dwon 2 axis heavy weapons team members with shotgun blasts.

Zombies advance to protect the objective.  More arrive in the background.

Winter Child tries to melt the zombies with radiation but kills one.  The rest charge him.  Reaction fire from the Frontoviki only wounds Grenadier X.

It took a re-activation from the command squad but the zombies bring down Winter Child!

SSU heavy infantry finish off the heavy recon grenadiers.

With Winter Child dead, the Fakyeli are my only chance to contest the objective.  They march move, but are gunned down by the last heavy weapon team member, using his machine gun.  With that, we call the game as I cannot contest the objective in time. 

Result:  Axis Victory!  In the end, I lost Winter Child, a squad of Frontoviki and of Fakyeli, along with a few other casualties.  The Lord lost the heavy recon grenadiers and some casualties from his other units.  So he out-killed be at about a 4:1 ratio in points.

I felt the scenario was a bit too hard on the attacker.  You can only take infantry, have to contest an objective 64" away (if your opponent does not do you a favor and place it closer) and have to be contesting it after turn 4 in order not to lose.  That means regular type 2s must do nothing but march move in the face of the Axis' full firepower for 4 turns to have a real shot at contesting it.  I relied on Winter Child and the speedier Fakyeli to get there, as well as a regular squad that was eliminated.

But we had a good time and it was actually a bit closer than I expected.  As usual, type 3 Axis infantry are fantastic.  Winter Child was really tough, and his weapons are devastating, but he could not do the job by himself.  Due to the time limits, I had little choice but to stick him out there and hope for the best.  Hopefully the Commissar debriefing me will understand....

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