Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seelow Heights 70th Anniversary Game

In the midst of some family drama I managed to sneak in a game with the young man next door who is interested in war games.  Since it was the 70th Anniversary of V-E (or Victory) day recently, he wanted to do some WWII and in particular the Eastern Front.  So, I whipped up two c.3,000 point lists for Flames of War and used the older "Big Push" Mission for our scenario.  This involves an attack on a heavily fortified line and an attempt by the attacker to seize one of two objectives.  It gave me a chance to bust out almost all of my fortification terrain, as well.  

The forces were roughly as follows:

Soviet Guards Tankovy Batalon:

Command T-34/85
10 T-34/85
10 T-34/85
5 IS-2
4 SU-122 (proxied by SU-100)
1 Motostrelkovy Kompania w/ MGs and Kommisar
Priority Air Support Sturmovik TIP-2

German Grenadierkompanie

Command w/PzFaust
Pzschreck team
2x Grenadier platoon each with 6 teams and PZFaust upgrade for command stands
1x MG platoon w 2Mgs
3x Konigstiger
2x 88mm Flak w/extra crew
Pak 40 pillbox
Pak 38 pillbox
2x MG bunkers
Trench lines
Barbed wire
Tank traps

He took the Soviets and I took the Germans.  Again the mission was for him to seize an objective (no enemy within 4") or for me to have him off my side of the table after Turn 6.  Rather than give an exact account I will use the photos to illustrate the contours of the game.

Here is the table sans combatants.

The thin grey line trembles at the approach of the Soviet armored horde.