Sunday, August 30, 2015

Darklands learning game

About a year ago I bought into a Kickstarter for Darklands, a dark fantasy miniatures line and game by Mierce Miniatures.  It has some of the best figures on the market. I was especially interested in the large beasts and weird troops featured by the Ysian Drune and Fomoraic factions.  The Ysian Drunes are twisted Celts who worship a demon.  They wear hoods to hide their eyes from all but the beauty of their dark queen, and experiment on the flesh of themselves and beasts to create abominations for war.  Whereas the Fomoraic are followers of Baalor of the Evil Eye, from Celtic legend.  in other words, more bad guys.  The Fomoraic have perhaps the most diverse line of miniatures in the game: humans, beastmen (gabrax( and beast-men of all descriptions, including rhinos, minotaurs, elephants, and more.  

I finally decided to solo the game, the rules for which can be found for free on Mierce's web site. That includes the army lists, which are also free.  The free rules are "Quickstarter" rules, but at 95 pages you can tell it's not a simplistic game.  As I understand it the full rules will have more options for unit orders and for morale effects, among other things.

For this battle I decide that two warbands would be fighting over a small village and its livestock. After all, it takes a lot to feed to monsters of Darklands!  I created two 500 gold (points) armies.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Darklands Ysian Warband

About two years ago,  I discovered some of the best miniatures I had ever seen via a Kickstarter called Darklands.  The setting is a fantastical Dark Age in the realms of Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland around the time of the earliest Viking invasions.  Except that alongside Vikings, there are twisted Celts, horrific Fomorians from the deep, shape-changing Angles, druidic Irish, and more in the mix.

You can find these wonderful miniatures at:

The following is a photo dump of my Ysian forces.  I think they look pretty good.  That is mostly thanks to the fantastic sculpts as opposed to my painting ability.  I was so intimidated by these sculpts I waited over a year to paint any.  But once I started I kept going until all my Ysians were done!

The Ysians are a degenerate Celtic tribe who worship a corrupted form of the Horned God, embodied by a demon called Euryalia.  They deliberately blind themselves so as not to gaze on anything other than their living goddess.  They also practiced forbidden rituals and magic that twists their bodies and makes abominations for war.  They are clearly not a pleasant people.

This warband comes to around 1500 gold, which is a fairly large battle for the Darklands rules system.

The rules are still in development, and I have not played them, but they look very detailed and have some interesting mechanics, such as monsters losing combat ability as they are wounded, which are innovative.  I am looking forward to trying it out.  Free eules and army lists here:

Here is the army all together.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GenCon 2015 AAR-A mostly minis perspective

Last week I attended GenCon 2015 in Indianapolis.  It had been at least 6 years since I had been to a major gaming convention outside of Historicon.  My intent was to get in as much gaming as possible, though the extremely crowded nature of the event made that somewhat difficult both in the pre-registration phase and at the event itself.  I did manage to pre-register for a MERCS tournament, a DUST tournament, and a Paranoia RPG session, as well as buy some generic tickets for ad-hoc event attendance.  

I arrived Wednesday night and checked out the convention site.  Not much was going on and "Will-Call" was a nightmarishly long wait, so I did not pick up my Paranoia and generic tickets.  So much for coming early!

On Thursday morning we arrived bright and early.  The first this I did was get some generic tickets at the registration and ticket line.  Will call was still a nightmare!  Ironically it was easier to get through the event and registration line, although not many events were available, I am sure.  

Here are the pods!  I managed to do respectably in my outings as a mech-jock.

The Exhibit hall opened at 10 AM on Thursday and there was a massive crowd waiting.  Here is the scene. Inside were all the vendors, selling product and providing demos of their latest and greatest offerings.  

Obligatory selfie with friend.