Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Darklands Ysian Warband

About two years ago,  I discovered some of the best miniatures I had ever seen via a Kickstarter called Darklands.  The setting is a fantastical Dark Age in the realms of Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland around the time of the earliest Viking invasions.  Except that alongside Vikings, there are twisted Celts, horrific Fomorians from the deep, shape-changing Angles, druidic Irish, and more in the mix.

You can find these wonderful miniatures at:

The following is a photo dump of my Ysian forces.  I think they look pretty good.  That is mostly thanks to the fantastic sculpts as opposed to my painting ability.  I was so intimidated by these sculpts I waited over a year to paint any.  But once I started I kept going until all my Ysians were done!

The Ysians are a degenerate Celtic tribe who worship a corrupted form of the Horned God, embodied by a demon called Euryalia.  They deliberately blind themselves so as not to gaze on anything other than their living goddess.  They also practiced forbidden rituals and magic that twists their bodies and makes abominations for war.  They are clearly not a pleasant people.

This warband comes to around 1500 gold, which is a fairly large battle for the Darklands rules system.

The rules are still in development, and I have not played them, but they look very detailed and have some interesting mechanics, such as monsters losing combat ability as they are wounded, which are innovative.  I am looking forward to trying it out.  Free eules and army lists here:

Here is the army all together.

These are the Ysian Brutes, corrupted beyond recognition.  They are led by the dual-sword wielding Gulgata, a Kill-Brute.

The Ysians also put foul monsters to use for war.  Here is a Mantichora controlled by a pack of Goad-Drunes.

The Bows of Carn Dinas stand ready to rain arrows on the foe. 

The Axes of Carn Dinas are standard Ysian infantry, brutal and reckless.

Carrowek of Carn Dhu and Hedroc, his lieutenant, lead the warband.

Carrowek is a mighty and cruel lord of battle.  

Brugg, Death-Brute is even more fearsome than the average Ysian abomination. 

 This fearsome warband stands ready for destruction and mayhem in the world of Darklands!

Watch this space, as next time I will present a warband of the terrible Fomorians, sea-devils of legend come ashore for conquest and revenge.  And then, in the future, I will present some battle reports, I hope!

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