Saturday, September 12, 2015

Darklands Formoraic Warband

Submitted for your approval are my Fomoraic Warband for Darklands.  These are all resin models, some from the Kickstarter Darklands First Edition II  by Mierce Miniatures and others I picked up online.  I apologize for the varied lighting I still need to work on my camera skills.  

This warband tallies up at about 1300 gold (points) in Darklands, enough for a good sized battle.  Darklands is a skirmish game set in a nightmarish fantasy version of Dark Age Britain and north-west Europe.  The followers of Baalor arise out of the cold north and set their sights on conquering all the lands above the water in Baalor's name.  The Fomoraic armies boase large numbers of frightening beast-men of all kinds, alongside corrupted and evil humans.  Featured here are the Sronax, a race of Rhino-men, and the Eye of Baalor, a human warrior band.  They are led by Kraan, untain (great lord) of Baalor and Maagan, a warlock.  

 The warband assembled for battle. 

Kraan, untain of Baalor.

Maagan, warlock of Baalor.

The Eye Ascendant, warriors of Baalor, in the foreground.

The Sronax on a sunny day.  They are led by a mighty Sronax tain, or lord.

Sronax lord.

An unfortunate Ysian patrol encounters the Sronax warband.

Let the ravens feast!

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