Friday, January 22, 2016

Gates of Antares: Algoryn and Ghar forces clash at the ruined outpost!

As I mentioned in my solo battle report and capsule review here my good friend the Consul gave me a fine Christmas gift: the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter box.  Having painted up my Ghar starting troops and some supporting Ghar Outcasts, I was ready to play a game with the Consul.   We decided to play a small game of 500 points to get up to speed.  We played the "matched scenario" 6: Recover at All Costs.  The mission objective is to seize control of a probe containing important information, which is located in the center of the board, and get it off the player's own board edge. The game ends when this occurs, after 6 turns or when one side is broken, i.e reduced to below half the initial number of order dice in the force.  

Ghar Army:

Combat Squad (3 suits) w/ power amplifier
Assault Squad (3 suits) w/ power amplifier
Outcast command squad (3 whip-dudes)
Outcast squad (5) plus Disruptor cannon team (2)

Algoryn Army:

Algoryn Command Squad
2x Algoryn Armored Infantry (AI) Squads
1x Algoryn assault squad
1x light support X-launcher team

Turn 1: Half of our units started in reserve.  I deployed the Ghar suits first as their power and speed meant coming on later was a bad idea.

Ghar assault and battle squads.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lord of the Rings SBG-Elves versus Mordor in Domination

I got a chance to play LOTR recently with the Consul.  We played 750 points and the Domination scenario where the two sides fight over five victory locations.  I took a very Orcish Mordor list, as follows:

Dark Marshal with horse
7 Black Numenoreans
5 Warg Riders w Throwing weapons

Morannon Orc Captain
6 Morannon with sword and shield
5 Morannon with spear
1 Morannon with banner

Orc captain
11 Orc trackers w/bow
1 Mordor Troll

Mordor Orc Shaman
6 Orcs with shield and sword
3 orcs with spear
3 orcs with two-handed axe

The Consul took an allied Elf force, IIRC:

6 High Elf with spear
6 High elf with sword and shied


Galadhrim Knight captain
4 Galadhrim Knights
3 Galadhrim archers

The game ends when a force reaches 25% of their starting models, with VPs scored for controlling objectives, wounding/killing leaders, and breaking the enemy force.    As per the new hobbit rules, you roll to see if your warbands deploy right up close or anywhere in your deployment zone.  As this scenario encouraged board control, we ended up piled up near the center for the most part.

Early deployment: a horde of Orcs vs. the thin gold line. 

Elves in serried ranks

Wider shot showing the flanking Warg Riders and rearward Elf archers.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares-Capsule Review and Solo Session report

Happy New Year!  

So, you miniatures gamers know how this goes.  One of your good buddies likes a game and decides to rope him in.  Along those lines, my good friend the Consul gave me a lovely Christmas present: the starter box for Beyond the Gates of Antares!  

Wow, that's a lot of stuff.  And the rulebook is a hardback weighing in at over 200 pages.  Pretty sweet.

But let's be honest, the current market is positively glutted with sci-fi battle and skirmish rules.  From 40k to Infinity to Deadzone, to Tomorrow's War and others, there is so much choice.  Could this game be good enough to take them on and carve out an enduring spot in the miniature gaming world? Let's take a look.