Friday, January 22, 2016

Gates of Antares: Algoryn and Ghar forces clash at the ruined outpost!

As I mentioned in my solo battle report and capsule review here my good friend the Consul gave me a fine Christmas gift: the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter box.  Having painted up my Ghar starting troops and some supporting Ghar Outcasts, I was ready to play a game with the Consul.   We decided to play a small game of 500 points to get up to speed.  We played the "matched scenario" 6: Recover at All Costs.  The mission objective is to seize control of a probe containing important information, which is located in the center of the board, and get it off the player's own board edge. The game ends when this occurs, after 6 turns or when one side is broken, i.e reduced to below half the initial number of order dice in the force.  

Ghar Army:

Combat Squad (3 suits) w/ power amplifier
Assault Squad (3 suits) w/ power amplifier
Outcast command squad (3 whip-dudes)
Outcast squad (5) plus Disruptor cannon team (2)

Algoryn Army:

Algoryn Command Squad
2x Algoryn Armored Infantry (AI) Squads
1x Algoryn assault squad
1x light support X-launcher team

Turn 1: Half of our units started in reserve.  I deployed the Ghar suits first as their power and speed meant coming on later was a bad idea.

Ghar assault and battle squads.

The  Algoryn start with a combat squad, an assault squad, and the X-launcher team on the table.  Assaults take center in order to threaten the objective.  

View from the Ghar side.

The AI advance and come under fire from the Ghar battle squad, taking two casualties and a pin marker.  Otherwise, both sides advance.. The X-launcher misses the Ghar assault squad. 

Turn 2: The Ghar bring on their Outcasts squad, who are basically cannon fodder.

The Ghar are hit by the "Disruptor die" which makes the next die pulled take a down order.  This represents the Ghar technology's unpredictable effects on the space-time continuum. It often helps the Ghar as they have fewer dice but it can hurt them, as here.  

More Algoryn arrive, another AI squad and a command squad taking the field.  

The assault suits trigger their plasma chargers, giving them an extra activation die and the ability to act twice.  However, they are hit with pinning fire from the Algoryn.

Turn 3: The Algoryn suffer from the disruption effects endemic to Ghar weaponry.  Here the command squad goes down as a result.

The AI fire on the Ghar combat squad to no effect.  Their basic weapons cannot pin the Ghar unless they inflict a casualty.

The Ghar combat squad advances and fires on the distant AI squad, inflicting two casualties and a pin.


Ghar assaults and Algoryn Assaults move to seize the objective, but the Ghar miss their second order test and fail to charge!

Ghar Outcasts advance and fire ineffectively at the AI squad on the left. 

Turn 4:  The Algoryn again suffer disruption and the AI squad on the right takes the fall for the team. The affected player can choose which unit to go down for the turn so often the least important one is chose.

The Outcasts get a fire order and this time land some shots.  The AI on the left take more casualties and two pins from the disruptor cannon.

The Algoryn assaults
 squad nabs the probe!

Brave purple people eaters face down the Ghar death machines!

The Algoryn X-launcher finally hits, and the pinned Ghar assaults fail their order roll!  Will the Algoryn get off without a scratch?

Turn 5: Algoryns win initiative and move the probe away at full speed!

The Algoryns concentrate fire on the Ghar assault squads, adding pins.  The X-launcher lands as well and the assault squad is heavily pined.  They finally fail a morale check for having pins equal or exceeding the squad size and flee the field!

Algoryn fire pins the Outcasts but causes no damage.  Outcasts advance and destroy the Algoryn assault squad.  But the last AI squad picks up the probe!

Turn 6:   The Ghar Outcasts fire in desperation at the escaping AI squad.  They cause a casualty and a pin.  Additional fire from the distant Ghar combat squad adds another pin and a casualty.  But the surviving AI trooper passes his morale check!

The last surviving Algoyn AI trooper makes off with the probe!  

Result:  Algoryn victory!  Despite the Ghar really putting a hurting on their forces, the AI's strong morale and maneuverability allowed them to win the scenario!

Casualties were Ghar: Assault squad, 4 outcasts.  Algoryn: 1 AI squad, 1 Assault squad, Command squad, 4 AI troopers.

Conclusion:  This was a very enjoyable game.  Antares continues to reveal tactical subtleties and differences between the factions that at first blush might not be apparent.  The Ghar and Algoryn are very different, and this was a real match of brawn vs. flexibility.  The Algoryn struggle even to pin the Ghar suits, but with concentrated fire and especially the help of the X-launcher with "Slingnet"ammunition that causes extra pins, the Ghar can be stymied.  This scenario seems well-balanced for armies that greatly differ in combat power.  The Ghar seem like they will be very tough in a regular stand-up fight. I am working on Boromites as well so watch this space for more Antares action!

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Consul Scipio said...

That was a lot of fun to play. Hopefully we can do it again soon. This was the second time I have fielded my Algoryn. First time was against Boromites. Ghar are tough for the Algoryn but that just makes it fun. Playing scenarios with objectives are very fun in this game.