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Lord of the Rings SBG-Elves versus Mordor in Domination

I got a chance to play LOTR recently with the Consul.  We played 750 points and the Domination scenario where the two sides fight over five victory locations.  I took a very Orcish Mordor list, as follows:

Dark Marshal with horse
7 Black Numenoreans
5 Warg Riders w Throwing weapons

Morannon Orc Captain
6 Morannon with sword and shield
5 Morannon with spear
1 Morannon with banner

Orc captain
11 Orc trackers w/bow
1 Mordor Troll

Mordor Orc Shaman
6 Orcs with shield and sword
3 orcs with spear
3 orcs with two-handed axe

The Consul took an allied Elf force, IIRC:

6 High Elf with spear
6 High elf with sword and shied


Galadhrim Knight captain
4 Galadhrim Knights
3 Galadhrim archers

The game ends when a force reaches 25% of their starting models, with VPs scored for controlling objectives, wounding/killing leaders, and breaking the enemy force.    As per the new hobbit rules, you roll to see if your warbands deploy right up close or anywhere in your deployment zone.  As this scenario encouraged board control, we ended up piled up near the center for the most part.

Early deployment: a horde of Orcs vs. the thin gold line. 

Elves in serried ranks

Wider shot showing the flanking Warg Riders and rearward Elf archers.

Turn 1: Evil wins priority and advances in formation, expecting an elf charge.  The Orc Shaman casts Fury giving a 6+ save to friendly warriors within 6" of him. The Elf cavalry obliges!
Morannon orcs contest an objective (red marker).

Treebeard contests the objective and engages the Morannon Orcs.

Elrond moves up with his infantry and unleashes Nature's Wrath, killing one orc and knocking a number off their feet!

The Elves win all their combats on the charge and inflict casualties on the orcs.   

Treebeard is hit by arrows form the orc archers, who managed to do a wound and fail to injure their friends in the combat.  The Consul immediately regrets recommending I fire into combat as Evil is allowed to do.  Treebeard hurls an orc but kills only one, knocking down several other. 

Turn 2: Good priority, but evil calls a heroic move with a captain.  The Elf knight captain responds, but evil wins the roll-off.  Black Numenoreans and orcs charge to prevent the cavalry charging.  The Marshal Casts "Transfix"1 on Elrond, who spends 1 Will to stop it.  The Orc shaman sails to cast a channelled Fury.  Oops!

Treebeard again charges the Morannons, who return the favor.  Some fail their terror test and cannot join the fray.  

The orcs get lucky and cause two wounds on Treebeard!  He saves one but is left with only one wound and a very bruised Entish ego! 

The Mordor Troll charges one of the cavalry as part of the heroic move.  He calls a heroic fight to go first.  Winning the combat with the aid of some Black Numenoreans, he hurls the horseman through the cavalry line, killing him and leaving the rest knocked down.  

In the ensuing combat the Elves win several fights from the ground and regain their feet!  Elrond and his infantry inflict a few casualties on the orcs.  The Dark Marshal stays out of range.

On the far flank the War riders advance to contest an objective and threaten to elf archers.  The elves reply by killing 2 warg riders with their elf bows. 

Turn 3:  Evil wins priority.  The troll charges the Elf standard on horse and once again all cavalry is based by orc and Black Numenorean foot.  Elrond saves his will for another turn, but The Dark Marshal casts a channeled drain will on Elrond, who spends 2 will to resist, leaving him only one!

The Troll goes elf-bowling, hurls the standard bearer to his death and knocks down many of the elves.

Once again, most of the Elves do well, however, and the casualties mount on both sides.  However, the elves have a lot fewer to lose.

The Treebeard wins his fight and "rends" the Morannon captain to shreds. Rend is a special power attack monsters can do, comparing their strength to the enemy's to wound instead of against defence.  It is great for taking out well-armored heroes and the like.  

Turn 4:  Good wins priority but once again evil wins a heroic move roll off!  The Troll, orcs and Black Numenoreans attempt to overwhelm the elves.  The Dark Marshal tries to Transfix Treebeard but the ancient Ent resists the spell.   The Troll crushes the Elf knight captain with the aid of several Black Numenoreans.  The elves take a few more casualties, as do the Orcs, but again the elf casualties are proportionally higher and they are in danger of becoming broken at less than 50% of their starting number.  

A mass of orc arrows fells Treebeard, finding a weak spot despite him being in contact with Morannon orcs!  No one cares for the trees anymore!

Turn 5: With the casualties from the previous turn, the Elves are broken.  Every model in a broken force must test courage at the start of the turn or flee the battlefield.  Elrond rolls his Courage to continue and if he passes, he will inspire all his friends within 6" to Stand Fast! and pass automatically.  Except he rolls snake eyes.  With that, the Consul concedes the game.  

Result:  Mordor victory due to concession.  The Elves lost all their horse save one and half their infantry, along with Treebeard.  Mordor lost 2 Wargs, 3 Black Numenoreans, and about a dozen orcs.

Conclusion:  Well, things went south for the elves very fast after a close opening.  We are still learning the new Hobbit rules but agree the new monster power attacks are fun.  We did not do much with the weapon rules such as feint although they could have been helpful when trying to kill high armor models.  The Dark Marshal did a great job of stymying Elrond's magic by forcing him to resist attempts to drain his will.  Even the resist roll uses will, so where the Dark Marshal has 12 points of will and Elrond only 3, the Ringwraith can afford to age a war of attrition against Elrond just to force him to spend his power.  The Consul believes he overspent on Elrond and Treebeard and needed more warm bodies.  The SBG provides a good amount of detail and cinematic moments while being streamlined and easy to play.  I am really enjoying this game and have gone crazy recently buying new models, so expect to see more of these reports.

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