Monday, February 1, 2016

Antares: Ghar vs. Concord in Rogue Drones!

Once again it's time for Antares theater. This week the noble forces of the Concord Combined Command face off against yet another incursion of the mighty yet backward Ghar Empire.  We chose 750 point lists and selected the "Rogue Drones" scenario from the rule book.  In this scenario the players are trying to secure one of two rogue weapons drones which hold valuable intel or at least some loose change.  The two drones start in the middle of the board and activate randomly, occasionally shooting at the player's forces or zooming about randomly.

The Consuls' CCC consisted of:

1x Drop Command Squad
1x Drop Squad
3x Strike Squads
1x X-launcher team
1x Light plasma support drone team

My Ghar consisted of:

2x Ghar Battle Squad
1x Ghar Assault Squad
1x Outcast COmmand squad
1x Outcast squad with Disruptor cannon team
1x Flitter Drones shard

Turn 1:  Half our forces moved on from the board edge on unit at a time.  The other half waited in reserve until the second turn.  None of my suits were in range but the Consul's x-launcher dropped "net" ammunition on the assault squad, causing 3 pins to start off the game right!  The squad passed their morale check (for having pins equal to command) but were already heavily suppressed.  

CCC move into cover.

The hated x-launcher suppresses my suits...and a plasma drone hides behind a butte.

 Turn 2:  CCC command arrives from reserve to lead the fight.  X-launder drops more pins on the Ghar Assaults and they get a Down order for failing morale.  CCC seem to understand how to deal with Ghar: pin them into oblivion!

Ghar outcasts and command arrive...cannon fodder to the front!

Miserable curs!  Onward!

CCC advance to cover.

The weapons drone trades shots with a Ghar battle squad.  Both sides take pins but no casualties. 

The white rogue drone opens fire on the nearest unit: the CCC.  Luckily for them the drone's circuits are friend and they only take a pin.

However a Ghar Battle squad opens fire and annihilates the unit!

Turn 3:  The plasma drone scores a palpable hit on the Ghar Battle squad on my left.  One suit goes down and the survivors are pinned.

Deadeye drone!

The Ghar drive their outcasts forward to cover teh advance of the suits or perhaps even make themselves useful.

A CCC unit gets hit with the Ghar disruptor die and is forced down.  The disruptor die, representing spatial distortion form teh dangerous Ghar plasma technology, mostly bothered my opponent this game.

Turn 4:  The Outcasts advance and lay down heavy fire on the CC, who go down to avoid casualties.

They lose on man to Ghar fire and are pinned.  

CCC return fire and maul the Outcast comand unit, killing two.  Miraculously the lone survivor hangs tough. 

CCC drop troops hit the thrusters and rocket toward the nearest drone!

For their efforts they take plasm fire and suffer losses from the crazy drone on ambush (overwatch)!

Ghar flitters penetrate the CCC lines.  They have a 50% chance to give  +1 to hit units within 5" of them.  Cheap at 20 points for 4, they did pretty well this game, giving me a bonus about 75% of the time.  Once again the disruptor die hits the CCC and a strike squad is forced down.

The contest over the drones reaches a head as both sides struggle to control the center of the board.  The Ghar assault squad finally rallies from repeated net ammo strikes, but will take no further part in the game having been pinned in place for so long.

Turn 5: The Ghar activate two plasma amplifiers and add their dice to the bag.  Despite that, the Concord activate first and nab a drone!  They hand it off to the Strike team in the ruins.

Activating for an advance order, the Ghar battlesuits pour heavy fire into the unit carrying the drone, and manage to destroy it with a lucky shot!  The survivors fail their morale test and disperse!

The battle squad surveys the results of their long-range barrage.

Thanks to the plasma amplifier, the Ghar battle squad gets to fire again, wiping out a second Concord squad. 

The Concord fire ineffectual at the Ghar, and in return take casualties and suppression.  Off camera, the Ghar outcasts nab the remaining drone and rush it toward the Ghar board edge. 

Turn 6:  The assault squad's amplifiers overload, pinning the unit heavily.  But the battle squad's amplifiers continue to work!  Their first order is to run forward and grab the probe from the outcast scum who have served their purpose.

The second order die comes up Ghar, and thanks again to the plasma amplifier, the battle squad activates again, running off the board with the prize!

Result:  Ghar victory!  Thanks to some lucky shooting and the plasma amplifier dice, the Ghar were able to stop the Concord from escaping with a drone and instead made off with one themselves. Casualties were: 1 Ghar suit and 4 outcasts vs. 3 squads of Concord (15 or so soldiers).  Some casualties were, of course, a result of rogue drone fire.  

Conclusion:  Another fun game of Antares.  Once again Ghar suits show how tough they can be, but the x-launcher kept not one but two squads almost combat ineffective for the game.  I am pretty sure I am going to see multiple x-launchers take against my Ghar wherever possible, as the net ammo really hurts them.  The Ghar are clearly a gambler's army, and if the plasma amplifiers pay off and your flitters actually work, things can go your way.  Otherwise watch out!  

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