Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Deathwatch Overkill: Fully Painted Gallery of Doom

Ok,so I love the Genestealer Cult.  I had a really cheesy army of them back in 2nd edition 40k. Purestrain Genetealers assaulting out of Land Raiders is da bomb.  Those days may be over, but that evil hateful empire known as Games Workshop has perniciously revived my old love with the new Deathwatch: Overkill game.  And it is glorious.  The miniatures are so superior to the old Cult models as to make them laughable.  The Deathwatch is cool, too.

You may want to know how the game is.  It is fun.  9 missions of crazy combat action.  It is not a delicate tactical exercise like Space Hulk.  But it is a frenzied mass attack on an elite strike team by a horde of ravening, xenos-infected fanatics.  Dice will roll.  Hundreds of xenos will die.  A few Marines might even die.  The GS player has to manage a hand of cards for maximum effect, using wither ambushes or special actions called gambits.  The Marine player has to choose a strike team of Marines who each have unique special ability or two.  There is no cover or rough terrain as such, bit due to space stacking limits, actual placement is an important part of the game.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will make sibilant hissing noises and hail the Emperor.  Jump in and get fighting.  It's a lot of fun.

Here is my set, all painted.  Yes, I am kind of proud.  Purge the alien, brothers.  Or, glory to the four-armed Emperor.  Either way I am as happy as a little girl.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lord of the Rings: Balchoth vs. Numenor

I played a learning game of the LOTR Strategy Battle Game (aka Hobbit SBG) with my friend John last night under the watchful tutelage of DC Hobbit League Devin.
We played an 800 point game, and as we were learning did not use a scenario.  My army consisted of a Khandish King on Chariot, 2 Khandish Chieftains on chariot, Amdur, the Lord of Blades, 5 Black Dragon Kataphrakts, 10 Khandish Horse, 6 khandish with axe, 3 khandish with bow, 5 easterlings with shield and sword, 5 black dragon easterlings with pike and shield.   John took Isildur on Horse, 3 Captains of Numenor on horse, and 3 dozen infantry, half with sword and shield and half with spear, along with 2 banners.  As I was fighting Numenoreans, my army was themed to represent the Balchoth, an ancient eastern force that might have faced Numenoreans.

Left wing: screening forces face off.

Right wing: The business end!

Antares: Boromite Army

Here is my Boromite Army for Antares.  It comes in at roughly 650 points without any upgrades.
I went with the red-skinned Boromites for something a bit different from the studio paint scheme.


Gang Fighters

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dust Battlefield: Across the sands!

Played another game of Battlefield last night. This one had some heavy luck swings and was pretty exciting, so I missed a lot of the picture opportunities, but here is a quick recap.  Our setting is still Operation Babylon, the battle for control of Iraq and its resources of alien deposits of VK and of course, oil.  

We played the Dust-Up! scenario, which has the armies set up in opposite table corners and requires the armies to advance on objectives across the table, with delayed reinforcements arriving along the long table edges.  

The Lord's Axis army had the massive Konigsluther and Sturmkonig, as well as the Panzer Prinz, 2 units of zombies, the Panzers heavy infantry, and a Horten Missile plane.  Rounding the list out were two Ludwig AT walkers and a flamethrower walker.  Oh, and he also took a bunker fortification!

My army was a Spetsnaz-themed air assault force with 3 attack helicopters including teh Red Ace and her Red Star chopper.  I bet you can spot it.  She was accompanied by two other attack choppers, and 2 infantry-carrying air assault choppers.  The Butcher led the infantry, consisting of Spetsnaz command and assault squads, and a squad of combat engineers (Fakyeli).  Being somewhat thin on the ground in the desert theater, the SSU have supplemented their forces with the Mercenary Sisters of Demolition led by Tanya, and the light AA walker called Wrecker.