Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dust Battlefield: Across the sands!

Played another game of Battlefield last night. This one had some heavy luck swings and was pretty exciting, so I missed a lot of the picture opportunities, but here is a quick recap.  Our setting is still Operation Babylon, the battle for control of Iraq and its resources of alien deposits of VK and of course, oil.  

We played the Dust-Up! scenario, which has the armies set up in opposite table corners and requires the armies to advance on objectives across the table, with delayed reinforcements arriving along the long table edges.  

The Lord's Axis army had the massive Konigsluther and Sturmkonig, as well as the Panzer Prinz, 2 units of zombies, the Panzers heavy infantry, and a Horten Missile plane.  Rounding the list out were two Ludwig AT walkers and a flamethrower walker.  Oh, and he also took a bunker fortification!

My army was a Spetsnaz-themed air assault force with 3 attack helicopters including teh Red Ace and her Red Star chopper.  I bet you can spot it.  She was accompanied by two other attack choppers, and 2 infantry-carrying air assault choppers.  The Butcher led the infantry, consisting of Spetsnaz command and assault squads, and a squad of combat engineers (Fakyeli).  Being somewhat thin on the ground in the desert theater, the SSU have supplemented their forces with the Mercenary Sisters of Demolition led by Tanya, and the light AA walker called Wrecker.

On the first turn my choppers hugged cover, unable to fire due to the "meeting engagement" rule.  

The Sturmkonig advances and puts some damage on my left-most transport chopper.  

The Horten engages two of my choppers, finishing off the transport with the Sisters of Demolition inside, and then missing with both missiles when it fired at my other transport!  Whew!

Everyone tries to shoot the Horten on Turn 2.  

MG fire from three choppers and the Red Ace herself finally bring it down.  

The Sturmkonig is forced to move and only scores minor damage on Red Ace. 

The Ludwig advances to control the center of the board.

SSU choppers rapidly redeploy to my right flank!

Spetsnaz arrive to protect an objective.    But Ludwig is on top of the other!

By a miracle (ok, 15% success chance by my calculation), my command squad arrives and also orders the mercs to advance, preventing me from losing on Turn 3!

On turn 4 the Mercs add insult to injury by wasting the (previously damaged) Ludwig with their sulfur throwers!

Sturmkonig takes revenge on the Striker helo!

And kills a couple mercs as well.

SSU choppers try to whittle down the zombies near the bunker and objective.

Fakyeli and the Butcher rappel from the helo and advance onto the objective!

Konigslothar appears but fails to destroy the Matrioshka!

Massed MG fire decimates the zombies.

Red Ace finishes off the zombies. But the heavy infantry team inside are close enough to contest!  Drat! 

Sturmkonig advances and kills a Fakyeli, with Butcher absorbing damage.

The Red Ace fires a sustained and total rocket barrage at the Panzers in the bunker, dropping 32 including her MG, dice and scoring 30 hits with rerolls.  Only one panzer dies thanks to the crazy combo of cover (3 plus save), bunker cover re-roll, and damage resilience (5+save)!  But, they are totally suppressed for taking more than 10 hits in a single attack!  This allows the Fakyeli to assault without fear of reaction fire or counterattacks!

The Butcher comes in like a boss, scoring 4 hits.  The Panzers fail two damage resilience saves and perish.

The Blaster attack chopper bombards the last unit of zombies, almost wiping them out.

Axis forces concede as they cannot stop the Fakyeli from holding the objective at the end of the turn!

The heavy walkers retreat in good order, having been outflanked by the fast-moving air assault!

Result and Conclusion:  SSU seize an objective to win on Turn 6.  Losses: Axis-2 units of zombies, Panzers, Ludwig.  SSU-Striker, Transport chopper.  Because I did not do a complete blow by blow account, you can't see that the dice were really skewed toward SSU in this game.  Axis could not get reinforcements and had trouble hitting the broad side of a barn.  I mean, look at Matrioshka!  How is that medium walker still alive sitting across from Panzerprinz in a Konigsluther!  Crazy days.  I did enjoy the rapid reinforcement ability of the choppers and setting up a textbook suppression and assault move on the bunker.  

Dust is due to get a new set of rules, free and downloadable, within a few months.  Watch this space for in-depth coverage and more battle reports!

By the way, the resin building terrain was made by Dust studios...apologies for not painting it yet, it's fantastic.  


Chuckaroobob said...

Great game! I have a bunch of those choppers too, but not a Red Ace!

Scott said...

Dat gaming table

Thel S said...

Stupid SSU

Frank Washburn said...

Hey, where in VA do you play? I'm from the DC metro area, next time I come down would be stoked to get a game in with you guys. I have SSU and Axis armies

John D said...

Also interested. I live around va beach area and would like to get some games in with others. I have SSU and Allies