Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lord of the Rings: Balchoth vs. Numenor

I played a learning game of the LOTR Strategy Battle Game (aka Hobbit SBG) with my friend John last night under the watchful tutelage of DC Hobbit League Devin.
We played an 800 point game, and as we were learning did not use a scenario.  My army consisted of a Khandish King on Chariot, 2 Khandish Chieftains on chariot, Amdur, the Lord of Blades, 5 Black Dragon Kataphrakts, 10 Khandish Horse, 6 khandish with axe, 3 khandish with bow, 5 easterlings with shield and sword, 5 black dragon easterlings with pike and shield.   John took Isildur on Horse, 3 Captains of Numenor on horse, and 3 dozen infantry, half with sword and shield and half with spear, along with 2 banners.  As I was fighting Numenoreans, my army was themed to represent the Balchoth, an ancient eastern force that might have faced Numenoreans.

Left wing: screening forces face off.

Right wing: The business end!

Priority will be important!

Numenor wins priority and Amdur calls a heroic move, challenged by the Numenor captain.  Numenor wins and the Easterling cavalry takes the charge.  However, further right Isildur was exposed and  the Khandish king charges! Some Khandish cavalry also get in the charge.

The kings square off in heroic fashion.

Isildur is unhorsed and knocked down, but unhurt thanks to his use of 2 Fate points~

The Easterlings and Khandish are slightly ahead overall, and the king being down is bad for Numenorean morale.  On turn 2, the Balchoth get priority and the cavalry charge all across the field.

The Khadish king slays Isildur with three vicious blows of his axe (and the judicious application of horses' hooves!)  With a fell cry he takes up the One Ring!  

More fighting ensues, with Amdur holding the center despite failing to inflict significant casualties on the Numenoreans.

Bow fire from the cavalry and chariot unhorse a Numenoreans captain, but is otherwise ineffective.

Once again the Balchoth win priority and begin turn 3 with another charge across the line!

The chariots and horse charge on my left.

The Khandish lose a horsemen but take out several Numenoreans.

The scrum turns desperate  as more Numenoreans fall. A few Khandish and Easterlings are lost.

On turn 4, the Numenoreans charge and try to surround the king and a chariot.  Against the odds, both survive and the Numenoreans take more casualties.  

The Khandish King withstands the Numenorean onslaught, and watches as their morale finally breaks!

Amdur, Lord of Blades, leads the Easterlings to victory!

Results and conclusion:  We called the game due to time.  The Numenoreans were actually 6 models shy of breaking, having taken about 20 casualties, including Isildur.  The Easterlings had lost 9 models.  In truth my forces were pretty lucky.  A lot of tiebreaker rolls went my way and I had a few combats swing straight against the odds in my favor.  This was an interesting matchup of heavy infantry with strong captain against lighter foes with more cavalry and some good heroes.  We learned a lot about the tactical subtleties from Devin of DCHL and are looking forward to our next game.

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