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Age of Sigmar: Khorne vs Slaanesh Battle of Storms!

Scott came over for another round of our Age of Sigmar Khorne vs. Slaanesh rivalry.  This time we played about 1350 points, and chose a narrative scenario "War of Storms" from the General's Handbook.  

Scott took the following:

Keeper of Secrets
2x 20 Daemonettes
Herald of Slaanesh
10 Seekers of Slaanesh
Slaaneshi Soul Grinder

I took the Khorne Bloodbound with some Chaos Dwarf (Legion of Azagor) allies:

Exalted Deathbringer
Skaughter Priest
20 Blood Reavers
5 Blood Warriors
5 Wrathmongers
30 Infernal Guard Ironsworn 
10 Infernal Guard Firedrakes
3 Bull Centaur Renders

The mission objective was to move a storm front from the center of the table (lengthwise so starting at the 3" mark) to the opponent's table edge.  The storm front can be moved in 6" increments to the opponent's table edge by wounding the enemy general or 18" for killing them, and by 6" for winning an opposed die roll at the beginning of each turn.  A player with a "priest" model can add one to the roll.  Scott had not brought a priest so we decided his Herald of Slaanesh would function as one for balance.  Oh and if no one wins by the end of 6 turns, the player with the largest Storm territory wins.

Scott got the role of the "corrupter" and had two special rules: 1) He could use a general's command ability to give his troops a bonus to battle shock rolls  is he had a greater storm territory, and 2) when his models are wholly within his storm zone, get a plus one to wound rolls.  My role as the guardian gave me the ability to 1) summon a unit of 10 troops if I had a greater storm territory and 2) when my models are wholly within my storm zone, add one to my hit rolls.

My setup:  As usual the Blood Reavers play the part of expendable vanguard, backed by the Wrathmongers and the Bloodsecrator.  The Blood Warriors hold the left flank, while the Ironsworn hold the left with the Bull Centaurs as a vanguard.  Bringing up the rear is my general, the Exalted Deathbringer, accompanied by a Khorgorath.  Also present is a small gun line of Fire Glaives on the hill.

The Slaanesh setup: Seekers on the left, two big units of Daemonettes in the center, accompanied by the Herald, and the Soul Grinder and Keeper of Secrets constituting a strong right.

A lot happened in each turn so I will not break this down by exactly by turns, but instead give a general narrative.

The storm front moved toward Slaanesh, and I won first turn.  All the Khorne/Azgorh army advanced.  I failed to plat the Bloodsecrator standard as I thought I would not be hit in the first turn.   

Them dwarves are slow.  Some things never change.

Slaanesh advances and surprisingly they hit my lines on turn 1! I forgot they can run and charge in the same turn.

All along the line Slaanesh crashed into my unprepared warriors of sanguinity.

A lot of Blood Reavers die! 

But the Blood Warriors put a dent in the Seekers, bolstered by the Wrathmongers' bonus attack effect.

The Wrathmongers kill even more seekers in their...wrath.

More Blood Reavers fall to the Daemonettes, who break through to the Bloodsecrator, but fail to kill him.

The storm front continues to assist the Khorne forces by giving my a +1 to hit as the fighting is all on my side of the storm line.  The Khorgorath and Wrathmongers kill a few more Slaaneshi demons. The Blood Warriors finish off the Seekers on my left flank.

In the battle shock phase the Blood Reavers disintegrate, while the Daemonettes roll a 1 and gain models!  This happened more than once and was so hilarious!  Ha!

I win initiative and send the Wrathmongers head to reinforce the center, leaving the Blood Warriors to handle the Seekers. 

The chaos dwarves finally get into the game with the bull centaurs leading the way.  

Shooting from the Fire Glaives is reasonably effective, downing a few Daemonettes in the center. 

I start the fighting by launching the Wrathmongers at the central Daemonettes.  They do some damage but not a lot!

In Scott's turn he brings the pain on the right side with his Keeper of Secrets and Soulgrinder.  Thus begins an epic slaughter of the dwarves, who surprisingly are able to land some wounds on the Keeper of Secrets in return as they fall!  NB: Bull Centaurs are not very tough.

However the Slaaneshi Soulgrinder singles out the Exalted Deathbringer (also a metal band) for his ranged attacks, causing several wounds.  The Daemonettes then pile in and finish him off!  The storm front will move 18" in my direction in the battle shock phase as a result.

Scott gets initiative but the storm front moves back 6": towards  the center of the table.  The Slaughter Priest calls on Khorne's favor and boils the blood of the Slaaneshi herald, killing it with a roll of 6 mortal wounds!  In retaliation great swathes of dwarves fall to the Keeper's lascivious appendages.

The remaining Ironsworn swing back, lightly wounding the demon and finishing off a few more of the Daemonettes.

Although all the dwarves perish to the Soul Grinder, the Slaughter Priest is able to cheat death, and pile into the disturbingly curvaceous Keeper.  He ends her reign of creepy hotness with his bloodbathed axe!  Blood for the Blood God, snookums!

The Wrathmongers end the lives of the last Daemonette unit.  The storm front moves 18" back toward Scott's table edge, ending 12" over the line toward his side.  The followers of Slaanesh flee the field, having only a Soul Grinder and a couple Daemonettes left and the storm front strongly against them at the end of turn 3. 

Result:  Major Khorne victory as Slaanesh concedes.  Technically the storm front might not have moved all the way to Scott's side if we finished the last three turns.

Conclusion:  Another  fun and bloody game of Age of Sigmar in the books.  I think the game went my way in part due to the fighting being within my area of the storm for much of the game, making it much easier for me to hit.  Nonetheless, Scott moved the storm front far toward my side before I was able to clinch the victory.  I was happy to finally put my Mantic Abyssal (Chaos) dwarves on the table and they made an interesting auxiliary, although the died almost to a man they kept some big beasts tied up and did enough damage to allow my Slaughter Priest to finish off the Keeper of Secrets and prevent an upset loss.  I enjoy the narrative play scenarios and as well build our collections I imagine we will be seeing some bigger and more complex battles soon.  

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