Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NoVA Open 2016 Recap Day 1

This year I was able to attend 3 days of the NoVA Open gaming convention.  NoVA open is mostly a tournament-oriented convention, but it has been expanding to other kinds of games like narrative scenarios and campaigns.  In fact, most major games systems present at NoVA (40k, Age of Sigmar, etc.) seem to have a narrative event as well as tournaments.  For my part, I wanted a "sample" of different games.  So, I signed up for a Lord of The Rings narrative event on Thursday, an Age of Sigmar tournament on Saturday, and a Wrath of Kings tournament  on Sunday.  I also hoped to get in a little opportunity gaming as well.  

My first game was a narrative scenario pitting the forces of a reconstituted Saruman and his Easterling servants against the forces of Queen Arwen.  I brought most of the Easterlings so I took command of them, with another player representing my brother as second.  I present the assault on Dol Amroth!

Dol Amroth under attack by land and sea.  Most of the Easterlings are my models

Lightly manned fortifications signal an easy victory?

The serried ranks of the East advance.

Corsairs of Umbar attack from the sea.

Oops, shopping break...

Easterlings spread out in response to Gondorian trebuchet fire.

Corsairs make good progress on water...

The minds of Arwen and Saruman contest for mastery of the battlefield.

A sudden flank charge by the knights of Gondor, led by Faramir, strikes the Easterling lines!

But the Khandish bog them down while Katapphrakts prepare a countercharge.

The assault progresses well...

Corsairs reach the battlements...

A knight falls to a Khandish chariot!

Easterlings scale the walls.

A corsair vessel comes close for some reason...

Gondor's finest are surrounded and eliminated.

Things look bleak for Dol Amroth

Faramir is surrounded!

Troops storm the walls from the siege tower.

The gatehouse is ready to fall.

Corsairs take the wall.

Knights of the East slay Faramir!

It appears the Easterlings will triumph!

But lo, the brother of the Easterling King turns traitor!  He and his guard assault the loyal Easterlings and Khandish!

Despite being surrounded, the traitor stays alive and  even unhorses my king.

Meanwhile the corsairs have blown a hole in Dol Amroth!  Come help, you scurvy rats!

But no help is coming!  They loot Dol Amroth and set sail!  Treachery abounds!

The traitor fights against all odds again!  The sons of Imrahil have sallied forth from the castle and join the fray!  Surprised!?  So was I!

The usuper slays the rightful king of the East as Saruman's forces crumble!

That was a very exciting narrative game.  Sadly my army was defeated by the treachery of an upstart brother and some faithless corsairs!  Thanks to Devin and the DCHL for putting on the game.  

I then hit the Wrath of Kings area where folks were doing a "build and play" session with the Wrath of Kings Starter Boxes.

I managed to meet up with the author of  The Warpstone Pile for a game of my Nasier vvs. his Goritsi at the Skirmish level.  His very well-painted (but not according to him) force faced down my speed-painted Nasier in a battle where I sought to slay his leaders and he sought to...erm...I forget his mission.  Defeating my army was part of it though!


A wonderful Blood Engine

I am avoiding that thing with most of my army.

Goritisi wolves charge my Ashmen

More Ashmen get stuck in.

Wardancers assault my Rathor.

Bloodmasks charge the Blood Engine.  Blood awaits.

Ah!  4 "10s" on 5 dice.  Not a common roll.  That takes care of the big beastie!

Scourge Hounds can't believe it.

Vampire ladies fall to berserk nutters.

Scourge hounds vault a shield wall to small effect.  My troops killed 3 leaders and with other casualties take the game!

I also got in a game of "The Others" but I blew the rules so it was much harder on my opponent than it should have been.  He looks annoyed, right? Sorry!

Whew!  That was about 12 hours of gaming and shopping. I was beat!  On to Day 2 of my visit (Day 3 of the Con) and the Age of Sigmar tournament!  

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