Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Darklands: Irish (Erainn) warband gallery

 Hello again-

I have been working hard on my Erainn warband from Mierce Miniatures.  Darklands is a game set in an alternate Dark Ages where magic and myth combine with history to create a dystopian past.  The Erainn are the Irish, caught between the Fomorians who are crossing the ice sheet from the north-west and the many other peoples of Europe migrating westward, such as the Anglecynn and Welsh.

The Erainn are split between Christina and Pagan.  The Pagans are ascendant as their magic and beastcraft have been more successful in fighting the ice demons of Baalor, the Fomorian demon-king. This warband represents almost all of my collection.  I have a couple of heroes and a few more beasts to paint.

The warband currently consists of:

1 Ri Tuath (King)
2 units of Tuanagh (axemen)
1 unit of Fen beasts (tree/woodmen)
1 unit of Fir Bolg (ogres)
1 Ancient Fen beast
1 Morannach (bog beast)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Team Yankee Armored Battle!

100 point TY game yesterday vs. Bill White. My Sov Armor versus his Team Yankee-OOB Americans. We played No Retreat, and it was a very tough slog for his attack US troops. Pictures tell the tale.