Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Great Army of Harad

Got together with John of DCHL along with Devin and newcomer Ed for a HUGE thematic game of LOTR.  We played the "Great Army of Harad" scenario from the old Harad supplement.

In this scenario, Boromir leads the army of Gondor south to smash the Haradrim before they can meet up with Sauron's forces coming from the East.  The scenario called for 2000 points per side, with 300 points of Evil in reserve (the Corsairs of Umbar, late as always).  by way of consolation, Evil holds the central building which I dutifully filled with archers.  The mission?  Destroy the enemy!  

Our lists were enormous but neither side had any magic users so this was (with the exception of the 40-foot tall elephant and some half-trolls) mostly an engagement of mere mortals.  The Good forces had Boromir, Faramir and several captains.  The Evil side had Suladan the Serpent Lord, Dalamyr the Fleet-master, a Khandish King and a Mahud King as well as some other captains.   As you can see, the Good side consisted solely of Gondor's finest.  The Evil side was a diverse alliance of those opposed to Gondor.

The battle played out as follows:

Initial Evil deployment

Initial Good employment 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dust 1947: Outpost Battle!

The Lord and I got together for a massive Dust 1947 battle using 250 points of forces.  My list was very heavy on Type 4 Steel Guards and I used the Steel Guard platoon structure, although I never made use of the platoon advantage.    We played scenario 104, Outpost.  The objective was to secure a central location by the end of turn 8.  Barring that, the winner would be the side which inflicted more casualties in terms of VPs.  

My list was:

Guai-Lo Moloi Type 4 Hero
Nikolai Pilot Hero
Red Ace-Pilot Hero
Steel Guard Command
Steel Guard Assault
Steel Guard Fire Support
Steel Guard Snipers
Steel Guard Anti-Tank
Steel Guard Tesla 
Spetsnaz Kill squad
Spetsnaz Saboteurs
Spetsnaz Command
KV-47 Nina walker
Matrioshka heavy walker
Matrioshka heavy
Alexandr Tesla Tank
Carrier Helo
Assaulter Helo
Striker Helo
Red Star Helo
Anti-tank tractor

The Lord's Axis list was:
Grenadier X
3 x Ubertoten
Heavy Assault Squad
Heavy Command Squad
Heavy AA Squad
Luther light AA walker
2x Lothar Arty walker
Sturm-Konig super-heavy AA walker
Prinzluther transport walker
Hermann light AT walker
2x sniper squads
2x observer squads
2x fully upgraded Laser Bunker(!)

Opening deployments on the Babylon-themed table.  We were not really sure what to do with the bunkers, so we set them up but they counted as "moving" in the first turn to represent the element of surprise. 
Guai-Lo and Fire Support squad hold the flank.