Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A lifetime of collecting: Chaos Space Marines

I recently re-embarked on my Warhammer 40k hobby.  I have played on and off since Rogue Trader, the first edition released way back in 1987.    I have done some significant painting and collecting over the past few years, and my Black Legion and their allies, the Thousand Sons.  So I thought I would put my collection all in one place for my own (and maybe your) viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Here's an overview of the army.  This is almost every model (excluding demons of Khorne, which I have left aside) I have collected for Chaos Space Marines since 1987.  Some outdated models that really don't fit the modern army lists are also not included.  

Here is the most of my armor, from the humble Rhino to the mighty Khorne Lord of Skulls!

The bulk of my army consists of Chaos Space Marine infantry.  I own models from most iterations released by GW.

Here we have the walkers and to the right my Thousand Sons, a growing allied contingent.  In fact, I had originally tried to play Thousand Sons but their rules and models changed so much that I switched to Black Legion as my primary force sometime in the late 90s.

Chaos close combat squad, models from late 90s to early 2000s.

Rogue Trader models in many shapes and sizes.  The rear ranks are regular metal space marines with Chaos backpacks, which was something one had to do to pad the numbers for Chaos models in the late 80s!

Old dreadnought (90s) and two Maulerfiends (2000s) plus second-generation Obliterators (also 2000s).

Chaos cultists from the Dark Vengeance Box set (2012)

Tactical marines of 2000s vintage.

Chaos Marines with heavy weapons from the Rogue Trader era (late 80s/early 90s) I use them as modern-day Havocs, mostly.  Note the Conversion Beamer and Heavy Plasma, not part of the current Chaos armory.

Modern terminators with a converted Abaddon the Despoiler.

More cultists, and Raptor jump troops to the rear.

Current generation tactical Chaos Space Marines. To the rear are Chosen from the 2014 boxed set.

Current Havocs with a jump-pack equipped Chaos Lord .  Note three generations of Raptors here including the Lord.

More modern Raptors with anti-tank weaponry, plus bikers of two generations.

Original Land Raider and Predator.  Behind are two modern Helldrakes.  Also note the Red Khorne berserkers which are Rogue Trader assault marines given chaos backpacks and regalia. 

A Defiler of early 2000s vintage and the fairly recent Lord of Skulls war engine.

Another shot of the Heldrakes, a key unit in the current rules.

Another Heldrake in Tzeentch colors.

Side shot of the army

Other side shot!

Abaddon has some heroes in his retinue.

A Chaos lord of late 90s vintage and a warpsmith.

First generation Raptors with skin-wings.

A better shot of the very old-school berserkers.

Khorne Lord on Juggernaut (90s), Chaos Demon Prince (2000s) and others.

Thousand Sons of 2016.

Pink Horrors.  A few classics in the back.

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines and Tzaangors.  Tzaangors were mentioned in the old Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned book of c. 1990, but only got a model in 2017!

Well there you go.  It's not the biggest collection but it's mine and I have been building it since 1987! And I would say 95% of the models I bought back then are still playable!  It's amazing to me that I have collected and continue to enjoy this game for almost 30 years!

What's next?  Well, enjoying what I have, of course!!

And...maybe a little more?  A Chaos Knight, Magnus the Red, and some more Thousand Sons and associated demons are on the near horizon.  Watch this space!

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Patrick W. Rollens said...

What a treat! This was a superb stroll down memory lane. Keep up the good work! (And I'm *really* curious about the older models that don't fit with the current army lists...)