Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Burning of Prospero Gallery

A few months back I picked up the gorgeous Burning of Prospero board game.  It took me a few months to finish painting the models, mostly due to distraction with other projects.  But recently I knocked out the last few units and I wanted to share this fantastic set with the world.  I deliberately chose to make the Thousand Sons, who suffer the destruction of their world before falling fully to Chaos, look as clean and shiny as possible.  By contrast, the "good" wolves were painted in drab colors and made to look dirty.  The Custodes and Sisters of Silence retain their metallic sheen, but they know what they did!  

Scarab Occult Terminators

Thousand Sons tacticals

Ahzek Ahriman

Squad II

Sisters of Silence

Adeptus Custodes-The Emperor's Guard

Geigor Fell-Hand of the Space Wolves

Space Wolf Grey Hunters 

The Hunters of Russ

Custodes Command


The whole collection!

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