Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fall of Cadia: Black Legion vs. Crimson Fists

Played a very exciting game of 40k last week, with my Black Legion taking on the Crimson Fists. We played this as a defense of Cadia game although we did not use Empyric storms.  We just represented forces fighting on Cadia with our two lists.  My opponent was a very fine chap names Tucker who had a gorgeous Crimson Fists army that made me nostalgic for the original Rogue Trader cover.  

We played an 1850 point game.  The Mission was a Maelstrom Mission (random objectives) where we drew a number of objectives based on the turn. (1 on turn 1, 2 on turn 2, etc.) as well as having the "Slay the Warlord" "First Blood" and "Linebreaker" victory conditions.  

My list consisted of a Black Legion Speartip detachment containing:
  • A Hounds of Abaddon formation of 3 bikers, 8 berserkers with Rhino, 8 chaos marines with Rhino, and a Chaos lord as my warlord.
  • A Heldrake Terror Pack of 2 Heldrakes
  • A Raptor Talon of 3 5-man squads plus a Chaos Lord
  • A Hellforged Warpack of 2 Maulerfiends and a Defiler

Tucker took a Crimson Fists Combined Arms Detachment, consisting of:

  • Captain Diaz, a notorious badass, as warlord
  • 10-man tactical squad in Rhino with grav guns
  • a five-man tactical squad with grav
  • a 10-man tactical squad on foot with grav.
  • 2 vindicators
  • a squadron of 3 predators with lascannons maxed out
  • 10-man devastator squad with a techmarine
  • a Dreadnought w/ assault cannon and power fist
  • a Land Speeder 

 Cpt. Diaz.

Deployment:    I elected to set up first and go first.  I set up all my vehicles barring the Heldrakes, with the two Rhinos holding my two squads of Chaos Marines.  My bikers took up position on the right flank to seize objectives.  In reserve, I kept 2 Heldrakes and the 3 Raptor squads which could deep strike on Turn 1.                  

The Defiler lurks behind the hill, holding an objective.

The Crimson Fists but a tank park in the center.  Wow!

Infantry hold a building backed by a vindicator and land speeder

Turn 1:  Two Raptor units drop on in on my left flank in an attempted alpha strike.  One stays off-board, alas.

The lead Raptor squad eradicates the Vindicator with melta-gun fire.  First Blood to the Black Legion.

The Defiler hits the Marines in the trees with its Battle Cannon.  They take casualties and break, running off the table!  The rest of Chaos advances.  Oh and the other Raptor pack blew a long charge roll.

Marines advance in their armor.  

Bikers seize an objective.

Crimson Fists advance and rain fire on the Raptors. 

Angry Raptor Lord is angry at failing his charge.

The tank park opens up on the Maulerfiends and eliminates the red one.

Red is dead. One down, one to go.

Marine fire (including the devastators in the building) massacres the raptors.  The Crimson Fists can re-roll misses of "1" on their boltguns which makes them oh-so-deadly at close range.   Marines score VPs for holding two objectives.  Score 2-1 Crimson Fists.

Turn 2:  The Heldrakes arrive, screaming towards concentrations of Crimson Fist infantry.  The third Raptor squad still refuses to enter the battle.  

Black Maulerfiend and surviving Raptors charge the Marine squad on my left.  The Heldrake on my right immolates most of a squad while the one on my left utterly fails to hurt the devastators in the building thanks to 4 2+ saves from the Techmarine!  In melee the Maulerfiend puts a wound on Diaz (who rolled "Eternal Warrior" as his warlord power and so lives despite the Str 10 hit!) and kills a couple marines, but the the angry Fists eliminate the Raptors. Poor dreadnought fails his charge and even takes a hull point from the melta-gun.

The Fists advance to take an objective from my bikers, who lack the "objective secured" rule and lose it to the tactical squad in side the Rhino. 

The Predator pack ignores Mr. Red Heldrake.

 Instead they destroy my red Rhino, ejecting a mob of angry berserkers into the ruins.  

Poor dreadnought fails his charge again.  All my opponent's vehicles and squads had Spanish names in accordance with Crimson Fists tradition.  I recommend the dread be renamed "Dolorosa".  The Maulerfiend eats most of the remaining Space Marines but loses a hull point to Diaz.  

Apparently something happened here.  I think the Marines scored the damn point again.   Score:  Marines 3-1. 

Turn 3:  Raptors drop.  Heldrakes bank and switch sides.  My black Rhino advances and disgorges a full squad into the ruins, along with my warlord.  (Not pictured as they are all killed by Demolisher and Devastator fire!!  Slay the Warlord for the Fists!)

Red Heldrake immobilizes the vindicator in the building with a vector strike.  Black heldrake damages the lead predator.  Flames eliminate the last marine in the woods.  More flames eliminate several devastators in the building thanks to a better placement of the template.  

 The Raptors leap into action (thanks to their formation rule) and team up on Diaz with the Maulerfiend!  However, Diaz makes like 4 4+ saving throws and shrugs off all wounds.  He kills a Raptor while the Maulerfiend destroys the dreadnought, who missed all his attacks. Poor Dolorosa! I popped a vehicle and got a "Hold the Line" point, making the score 4-5 Fists thanks to Slay the Warlord.

Tacticals flood my backfield, looking to kill the Defiler and get linebreaker points.  Miraculously Deffy survives the fire of the whole tank park and the squad's grav weapons!  Daemon saves are grrreat!
Score!  Getting fuzzy here...I think he tied it due to having that damn building.  Let's say 5-5?

Turn 4:  The bikers, Heldrake, and Defiler wreak bloody vengeance on the upstart tacticals on my side of the field.  The Rhino gets wrecked for good measure.  Diaz destroys the last Maulerfiend! Curse him!  My berserkers grab an objective and my Raptors run for the hills! I get a point for "Hold the Line" having 3 units in my deployment zone.

Defiler finally dies to massed lascannon fire.  Fists get a VP for destroying a vehicle.

Diaz fails to charge the berserkers and the Raptors hide in shame.  What's that Black Rhino doing, hmmmm? Score after Turn 4: 6-6.

Turn 5:  Last turn?  I draw a lot of objectives.  The Berserkers charge Diaz!  But they only cause one wound off of something like 15 hits!  DIIIAAAZZ!  I have "Kinglsayer" as an objective card so he would net me 2 Vps if he died.  No.

Useless raptors shoot at Diaz and fail.  Fail, Raptors!  Oh, they do hold that objective though.  

My bikers swoop in on an open objective in the woods.  The black Heldrake tries to fry Diaz.  Armor save, of course.  DIAAZZZ!   I score a whopping 3 VPs for objectives, putting me up 9-6!  Oh, red Heldrake flew off the board.

This land speeder swoops in for an objective since my warpsmith does not have objective secured!  Bad warpsmith!

Bikers die to massed tank fire, having fulfilled their duty.  Moment of Black Legion silence, please.    

The devastator squad comes out of their cozy building to finish off my last berserker.  He dies heroically, putting a second wound on Diaz before falling to Crimson Fist, er, fists.

Diaz stands bloody but unbowed.  No pasaran, companero!  The Crimson fists score 3 VPs for objectives, charging, and winning a close combat.  Score: 9-9!  Let's roll to see if there is a Turn 6! 

 Roll is "2": game over!  Is it a tie?

NO!  My Rhino, unmolested in the Crimson Fists deployment zone, is worth 1 VP for the "linebreaker" VP condition.  Victory to the Black Legion!!!

"Roger base, we have visual on that bastard Diaz.  Transmitting coordinates. Commence orbital bombardment!"

Meanwhile a lot of not-really-damaged Crimson Fists Tanks wonder how this could possibly have happened.

Overview:  A depleted Black Legion Speartip wins a Pyrrhic victory.

Result:  10-9, by the skin of their evil mutated teeth, victory to the Black Legion, thanks to "Spanky" the black Rhino APC.  

Conclusion:  What a game!  The Fists started out so strong.  They blasted my forces to junk.  Deep Striking turn one Raptors are, as I suspected, very iffy.  My Maulerfiends were neutralized.  I was outnumbered.  And yet, the Black Legion slowly clawed back the victory points by playing the objective cards.  The Heldrakes also annihilated infantry to even up the numbers.  They seem a must to me for Chaos.  I had almost no answer to the Predators after the Maulers died.  If I had put down Diaz I would have won more convincingly since he was worth 2 VPs to me due to my objective card and the Slay the Warlord condition.  I think if I had hit his squad in the second turn with the black heldrake rather than wasting my fire on the techmarine devastator squad, that could have made the difference.  The Crimson Fists played a very tight game.  My opponent was also extremely sporting and even made suggestions on what he thought I should do in certain situations.  Both are armies were probably quite casual so they match up well.  It was certainly a pleasure to play against  such a well-painted and iconic force.  I think we both had a fantastic time and after all that is what this hobby is about.  Cheers to my opponent and, as always: Death to the False Emperor!  

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