Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ultramarines versus the Great Devourer

 News from Ultramar!

999.M41-The precious Promethium Mines of Tarsis Ultra come under assault from Hive Fleet Leviathan.  A Gladius Strike Force, led by Captain Narbo of the Ultramarines 3rd Company, deploys to stop the foul xenos from overrunning the damaged mining facility.  Ultramarines forces arrive only moments before the Tyranid horde descends on the mineworks.

The Strike Force sets up a hasty defense towards the center of the facility, but are unable to dig in or form a solid perimeter.   The vehicles form a laager, not knowing from whence the xenos will come. 

Tyranids swarm from all direction!

Hordes of Termagants surge toward Squad Menelaus!

Zoanthropes and more termagants charge Squad Praxis.

A winged hive tyrant joins the fray.

Centurions take fire from Carnifexes and another winged Hive Tyrant.

A Zoanthrope draws a bead on the Vindicators.

Marines come under heavy fire but stand tall.

The massive firepower of a Hive Tyrant destroys a Razorback.

Squad Menelaus is almost overrun.  Only Sergent Menelaus himself survives to continue the fight.  

Centurion firepower proves it is worth fearing!  Two Carnifexes fall to Graviton Cannon and the flying hive tyrant is wounded by heavy bolters.

Fire from two full tactical squads and their armored support decimates the termagants, while a sole Tyranid warrior falls. 

Squad Abraxus charges in to rescue Menelaus.

They pulverize a score of the foe, but more remain...

Just as the front seemed stabilizes, two enormous spore pods land, disgorging two more Carnifexes!

Tyranid firepower claims another razorback.

The swarm seems overwhelming.

Ultramarine Assault Squad Decimus lands on an objective with Codex precision.

As does Assault Squad Xerxes.

Massed firepower fails to fell the Hive Tyrant.

But all Termagants have been purged from this sector!

A lone Tyranid warrior staggers toward the Ultramarine lines, leaking foul humours.

Centurions destroy a spore pod and wound a Carnifex.

Chaplain Hamon guards an objective alone.  No one wants to hear his sermon, apparently.

The Hive Tyrant rages to the center of the board, destroying a Vindicator. 

Winged horror!

This Tyranid was promptly despatched by Captain Laertes' power sword.

Squad Decimus sitting pretty.  

Beasts on the approach.  The nearest Carnifex takes a Vindicator round to the face and disintegrates.  

A hive tyrants spews vile poison on the last vindicator...

...stunning the crew and damaging the hull.

Then the Carnifex joins the party...

...and make short work of the armored vehicle as if it were a tin can!

Sgt. Menelaus falls in the final melee with the termagants.  May the Emperor guard his soul.

Finally, the firepower of most of the Ultras brings down a flying Hive Tyrant.

Squad Abraxus kill the last Carnifex with a lucky headshot!

Almost all the xenos are destroyed!  The last hive tyrant keens a siren call of retreat and the few remaining Tyranids flee the field.  

The Ultramarines stand triumphant over the damaged, but intact, facility.  The Imperium prevails!

This game provided a nice narrative development, but in truth the Tyranids were on the back foot almost the whole way.  The Centurions and the mass bolter fire took care of the heavy and light beasts, respectively.  The flying hive tyrants and Zoanthropes destroyed 5 of 7 vehicles, and I lost about a dozen marines, but marine casualties were light overall considering I fielded 45 tactical marines, 10 assaults and 6 centurions.  Grav weapons give the marines quite the hard counter to monstrous creatures.  We'll see what 8th edition brings to the table soon!

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